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Independence Mine State Historical Park
sign - Independence Mine
Independence Mine was one of 38 mines that operated in Hatcher Pass from around 1900 to the 1950's. The park includes about 20 buildings that were part of Independence Mine. Some of the building have been restored and can be toured. Obviously others have not. There were two hiking trails available on this date: Gold Mint Trail is 8 miles long, and Reed Lakes Trail is a good day hike or overnight destination. For the real adventurous, Bomber Glacier is just over the peaks surrounding the upper lake. None of these trails were suitable for the two RV Gypsies.
sign - entering Independence Mine State Historical Park
view from the parking lot
wild flowers
one of the hiking trails
the buildings
the buildings
mining area
mining area
history bookIn 1906, high on Skyscraper Park, Robert Lee Hatcher staked the area's first hard-rock gold claim - gold contained in quartz veins within solid rock-hard rock or lode gold. Hatcher's early discoveries would later become part of the Independence Mine. By 1941, the Independence Mill, Camp, and Mine employed 204 men. It was the second largest hard rock gold producer in Willow Creek mining district, extracting over 181,000 ounces of gold in the late 1970's. 271 acres of land, including the Independence Mine camp was donated to the State of Alaska and in 1981, the Independence Mine State Historical Park was dedicated.
cookhouse & bunkhouse
sign about the original cookhouse and bunkhouse
old equipment
Powerhouse ruins
Powerhouse ruins
sign about the Powerhouse
mining area
mining area
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