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The two RV Gypsies went on a
Jeep backcountry tour
through mud and water
July 6, 2009
The wild jeep journey began with a short ride on the George Parks Highway through the town of Healy. Then a turn onto Stampede Road, once called the Stampede Trail (a road NOT shown on any Alaska map). This road was carved out of the wilderness by early miners working the area's Kantishna gold fields and antimony mine. The road gained notoriety in the motion picture, "Into The Wild" directed by Sean Penn.
the jeep the two RV Gypsies drove
jeep label
a break before shifting into 4-wheel drive
break time
The two RV Gypsies shifted into into 4-wheel drive mode and onto narrow dirt roads, through muddy puddles, and over rocky "roads" with plenty of bumps and dips and sways.
jeeps in the backcountry wilderness
a fun mud puddle to drive through
water splashing out of the mud puddle
dips for the jeeps to handle
more dirt road
the rocky hillside
dust and dirt everywhere
wilderness trail
The two RV Gypsies arrived at the camp area where Scott, the cook, resides all summer. Scott only leaves the camp to do laundry. Food is brought into his camp for him. When the summer is over, Scott lives in Anchorage, but said he would rather be in the woods.
Scott's camp
Scott's camp
sign - Stampede kitchen outdoor cuisine
preparing the table
Scott's camp
Scott's camp
Scott prepared delicious Alaskan stew and flat bread.
Alaskan stew and flat bread
The ladder by the tree was there in case Scott has to escape from a bear. He does have bear spray in the tree.
emergency ladder by tree
emergency ladder by tree
The return trip back to civilization.
return trip back to civilization
a bumpy ride
dust and mud on the window of jeep
dust from jeep in front
mud puddle approaching
mud puddle approaching
mud flying everywhere
fun in the muddy waters
waves from the jeep
waves from the jeep
big dips in the road
Out of the wilderness - beautiful scenery at the end of the trail
beautiful scenery at the end of the trail
beautiful scenery at the end of the trail
beautiful scenery at the end of the trail

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July 2 - 6, 2009

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Travel, Mt. McKinley & an igloo

Denali National Park

Wildlife in Denali Nat'l Park

Entering Denali, the campground,
Jeff King's Husky Homestead, and more

panning for gold at Kantishna

sled dogs in training

dirty ATV backcountry tour

backcountry Jeep Safari

horse-drawn covered-wagon ride

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