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The travels of the Two RV Gypsies in 2018

IMPORTANTbullet THE BEST WAY to view photos & read history of the travels of the two RV Gypsies is to scroll down the page UNDER the interactive map and pick a site to view.

bullet Another way is to go to the INTERACTIVE MAP below and choose a number on the map. This method is good if you are interested in only a certain area. Numbers may not be in the exact location due to the small space available, but they are as close as possible.

bullet Be sure to scroll down UNDER the map to read about what you will find when you click on any photo section. More numbers will be added to the map as the two RV Gypsies travel.

travel map for the two RV Gypsies in 2018
Scroll down for a detailed itinerary for the two RV Gypsies, details of what is found under the numbers on the above map, plus links to the photos. Numbers are placed as close as possible to their real location within each state, but cannot be placed exactly.
Trip #11- 2018

1-3. FLORIDA MENU: The two RV Gypsies lived in their RV (their only home) in Broward County Florida for an extended stay for the beginning months of 2018 and went to several places in Broward and Palm Beach counties. All sites can be chosen individually below, or all can be accessed on the map above.

Butterfly bullet1a. New Years Eve party and Fort Lauderdale Beach

Butterfly bullet1b. St. Patrick's Day costume contest, and the Easter Bonnet contest

Butterfly bullet1c. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge in Boynton Beach

Butterfly bullet1d. Secret Wood Nature Center in Davie

Butterfly bullet1e. The two RV Gypsies went to a Terry Fator show for their 4th time.

Butterfly bullet1f. The two RV Gypsies' daughter got married.


2. The two RV Gypsies and family took a day trip to Naples, Florida and rented two boats to celebrate Father's Day.


3. The two RV Gypsies spent a few days in the Englewood/Venice area in Florida visiting friends, dining and dancing.

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4. York County, South Carolina full menu - or use the individual sections below:

Butterfly bullet4a. The new yard of the two RV Gypsies & the parks in Fort Mill

Butterfly bullet4b. Scarecrows in Fort Mill

Butterfly bullet4c. Rock Hill, BMX Supercross, The Pump House, and Catawba River

Butterfly bullet4d. Glencairn Gardens in Rock Hill, SC

Butterfly bullet4e - Fountain Park in Rock Hill

Butterfly bullet4f - Tega Cay

Butterfly bullet4g - the Fort Mill Firehouse event, family, Halloween, Thanksgiving, snow, fire pit,

Butterfly bullet4h- Fall Foliage

Butterfly bullet4hi- hike at Anne Springs Greenway, Haigler Lake, and a waterfall

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5 - 6 TENNESSEE MENU-includes all TN places below - or use the individual sections below:

Butterfly bullet5. Harrison Bay State Park -a big family reunion

Butterfly bullet6a. Farm in Brighton, TN & extracting Honey from the Bee hives - 2 pages

Butterfly bullet6b. Bass Pro Shop and Fish Bowl Grill in Memphis

Butterfly bullet6c. Mud Island 2018 and a link to Mud Island 2014

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7 - 11 North Carolina Menu-includes all NC places below-or use the individual sections below:

Butterfly bullet 7a. City of Charlotte and Forth Ward Neighborhood Park

Butterfly bullet 7b. Funtasticks Arcade in Charlotte

Butterfly bullet 8. Carowinds Amusement Park

Butterfly bullet 8. Hickory Nut Falls

Butterfly bullet 9. Chimney Rock (Rutherford County) North Carolina

Butterfly bullet 10a. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, NC

Butterfly bullet 10b. Seven Oaks Cafe in Belmont, NC

Butterfly bullet 11. "The Glow" - a walk through a glowing pumpkin display

Butterfly bullet 12. hike at Crowders Mountain in western Piedmont of North Carolina between the cities of King's Mountain and Gastonia

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