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The two RV Gypsies
Mud Island in Memphis, Tennessee
July 28, 2018

FYI:check it out Visitors should view Mud Island 2014 before continuing on this page because it gives a much better overview of Mud Island. There will be a link at the bottom of Mud Island 2014 that will bring you back here. Both sections are quite different from each other.

Mud Island River Park Mud Island River Park entance

The two RV Gypsies had to park in a different parking lot than they did in 2014, because that parking lot was no longer open. This time they had to pay to park. And then they had to walk over a long crossover bridge that was not there before. At the end of the bridge, Seth and Gabby walked the crooked walk on a "Mississippi River" yellow line.

cross-over bridge yellow line- Mississippi River

Below: views from the crossover bridge

view from cross-over bridge Mud River Park sign

Below: View from the side of the elevator that goes down to the ground and signs seen just before entering the elevator.

part of the Mississippi River state signs
the Mayflower mural on the wall

Although the two RV Gypsies have been here before, Lee's nephew Lou, his wife Gabby and son Seth were here for their first time.

Seth, Lee, and Lou Gabby and Seth

Since the two RV Gypsies took lots of photos in 2014 of the Mississippi River's layout, they did not want to duplicate too many this time, so they took a few signs, and mostly pictures of Lou, Gabby, and Seth.

sign about the Tennessee  and Cumberland Rivers
sign about the Mississippi Riverwalk sign about the Mississippi Riverwalk
Barkley Dam water wall
Gabby, Lou, Seth Gabby and seth
road crossings island
map Seth walking in the Mississippi River

Leaving Mud Island, a view of the crossover bridge and Bass Pro Shop.

view of the crossover bridge view from bridge
Gauges and Navigation Lights sign
bridge bridge

views from the cross-over bridge when leaving Mud Island

view leaving Mud Island view leaving Mud Island
view leaving Mud Island Karen Duquette

From the crossover bridge, Lee saw a red sign quite a distance down the street and thought it was a Santa Claus hat, but since that would be strange this time of year, Karen took a picture and zoomed in on it. It turned out to be a Fire Station sign and a fire dog.

downtown Fire house sign

Gabby has a Mud Island Coke bottle

Mud Island Coke bottle

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