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Interactive map linking to Photos and some history
from the 2017 travels of the two RV Gypsies

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travel map for the two RV Gypsies in 2017
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bullet #1 The two RV Gypsies live in their RV (their only home) in a Broward County Florida RV park for the winter months.

bullet #2 - Jacksonville North/St. Marys KOA in Kingsland, Georgia

bullet #3 - Mount Pleasant Segway tour and more in Charleston, South Carolina

bullet #4 - Rock Ridge Campground, in Sims, North Carolina - June 3, 2017

bullet #5 - Pohick Bay Regional Park and friends in Virginia and Maryland

bullet #6 - Roadside America Greatest Indoor Miniature Village in Pennsylvania

bullet #7 - The two RV Gypsies visited family and friends in Connecticut

bullet #8 - Maryland - National Historical Parks, Fort Frederick, National Shrine Grotto and more

bullet #9 - Segway tour in Gettysburg Historical National Park

bullet #X - The two RV Gypsies stopped in Gaffney, South Carolina for yet more RV Repairs. They were stuck there awhile. And in the meantime, they visited family in Tega Cay, SC. Those photos were added at the bottom of the other family photos in site #7, Connecticut.

bullet NOTE: June 28, 2017- The two RV Gypsies drove from South Carolina to Florida and boondocked for two nights along the way - no photos.

bullet NOTE: June 30 - July 11 - The two RV Gypsies enjoyed family time in Florida. Photos taken of family and friends not posted during that time.

bullet #10airplane July 12 - 17 - Karen flew to California on July 12th for her niece's wedding and returned to Florida in the early morning of July 17th. Lee remained in their RV (their only home) in Florida. Then the two RV Gypsies continued their RV travels, heading up to the Winnebago factory in Iowa.

bullet July 17 - 21 travel photos and Several one night stops boondocking

bullet # 11 July 22-23, 2017 - St. Louis Missouri, the Arch, Ballpark Village and City Museum

bullet July 24, 2017 - One night stopover at Mark Twain Landing Campground in Monroe City, Missouri.

bullet # 12 July -26 - Amana Iowa, RV Park and art in downtown Amana

bullet # 13a July -27-28 - Lakeshore RV Resort in Oelwein Iowa

bullet # 13b July -28 - Independence, Iowa (and the painted rock hunt) two pages

Note: The two RV Gypsies were in a hotel while their RV was in repair at the Winnebago Factory in Forest City, Iowa. While here they did as much free stuff as they could find in nearby cities - see #14-16 below. The hotel bill and especially the RV repair bill was much more than originally quoted, so the two RV Gypsies had no choice except to had back to the campground in Broward. However, Hurricane Irma forced them to hang out elsewhere for awhile.

bullet #14 - 16 July 29 through August 18 - Forest City, Clear Lake, and Mason City Iowa

bullet #17 - Davenport, Iowa - Low bridge clearance for RVs, Skybridge and more.

bullet #18 - Backwater Gamblers Water Ski show in Rock Island, Illinois

bullet #19 - East Peoria, Illinois - August 19t

bullet #20 - Tennessee - (August 24-29) the farm, bee hives, horses, family and more -

bullet #21 - Mississippi - (August 30- present time) Meridian, carousels around town, Dunn Falls

bullet #22 - (September 13) NASA/John C. Stennis Space Center/Infinity Science Center

bullet #23 - Dr. Paul Wagner's Honey Island Swamp Tour - gators, hogs +

bullet here are a few travel photos from Louisiana into Alabama and then into Florida

bullet #24 - Lake Placid, Florida and some Murals

The two RV Gypsies spent some time with friends in Englewood, Florida, but no photos were taken

#25a - complete Florida menu Sept-Dec 2017, or choose individual sections below.

bullet #25a Broward County - celebrations and a Pirate Festival

bullet #25b - Halloween 2017 - and the skunk wins this year.

bullet #25c - Thanksgiving 2017

bullet #25d - John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo and giant iguana

bullet #25e - Fort Lauderdale Boat Parade

bullet #25f - Christmas parties

bullet #25g - Christmas day

bullet #25d - saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018

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