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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed
Roadside America Indoor Miniature Village
exit 23 on Interstate 78
Shartlesville, PA
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June 8, 2017

call for hours before you go: '610.488.6241 - rumors have it that it may have closed.

USA map showing location of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania map showing location of Shartlesville
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FYI: While in Pennsylvania, the two RV Gypsies parked their RV at Quakerwoods Campground in Allentown, PA. If you are interested in the campground photos and comments, here is the link to the campground, otherwise, continue scrolling down this page for the amazing miniature village.

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FYI: Just before arriving at Roadside America Indoor Miniature Village, the two RV Gypsies saw the nearby Blue Mountain Family Restaurant and stopped to eat. If you are interested in the restaurant comments, here is the link for the restaurant to the restaurant, otherwise, continue scrolling down this page for the amazing miniature village.

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Roadside America is an indoor miniature village and railway covering 8,000 square feet, created by Laurence Gieringer in 1935.

history bookIt was first displayed to the public in the home of Mr Laurence Gieringer in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Word got out about the exciting miniature village after a story was published in the local newspapers, and due to its popularity, Mr. Gieringer moved the display to a local amusement park called Carsonia Park (that is now closed), where more people could come to see his spectacular miniature village. The display stayed there for a very short time, from 1938 to about 1940 when Mr. Gieringer purchased land at the current site of Roadside America to build a larger display in order to accommodate the growing interest. In 1941 the exhibit reopened at the current location in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania, Exit 23 on Interstate 78, approximately 20 miles west of the Lehigh Valley.

Roadside sign

Roadside America statues

The display contains;

  • A 7,450 square foot, fully landscaped displaying over 300 miniature structures

  • Up to 18 trains, trolleys and cable cars running throughout the display

  • 10,000 hand-made trees

  • 4,000 miniature people engaged in everyday daily pursuits

  • Many rivers, streams and waterways

  • Interactive animations such as a circus parade, construction workers, saw mill workers and more, that can be activated by visitors.

  • Scale is 3/8 of an inch to one foot.

  • All trains are "O" gauge

  • 600 miniature light bulbs

The display is constructed with

  • 21,500 feet of electrical wiring

  • 17,700 board feet of lumber

  • 6,000 feet of building paper

  • 4,000 feet of sheet metal under the plaster work

  • 2,250 feet of railroad track

  • 648 feet of canvas for waterproofing

  • 450 feet of pipe

  • 18,000 pounds of plaster

  • 4,000 pounds of sheet iron

  • 900 pounds of nails

  • 600 pounds of rubber roofing material

  • 75 pounds of dry paint

  • 75 gallons of liquid paint

  • 225 bushels of moss

  • 25 bags of cement

  • Three barrels of screened sawdust

  • Three barrels of tar

Roadside America has remained unchanged since Gieringer died in 1963.

Laurence T. Gieringer

panorama of the Roadside America Miniature Village
Karen Duquette and a panorama of the miniature village

go to the next adventure of the two RV Gypsies A lot of photos were taken here, so they have been put on a second page in hopes that they will upload faster. So please continue and give the photos on the next page time to load, this place is worth the effort. Enjoy!