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Karen Duquette enjoyed competing and winning in
the St. Patrick's Day and Easter Contests

laughing clipart dudeKaren Duquette got attacked by a big swordfish - February 16, 2017

Karen Duquette and a big fish
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St. Patrick's Day Costume Contest - March 11, 2017 at Flanigan's

Karen Duquette was dressed as "Flanigan's Irish Beer Barrel." Lee Duquette made the beer barrel. The shamrocks on the barrel flashed green. The lights at the bottom of the barrel also flashed green, and so did Karen's glasses.

Flanigan's Irish Beer Barrel Flanigan's Irish Beer Barrel
Flanigan's Irish Beer Barrel Flanigan's Irish Beer Barrel & Lee Duquette

hugs & kissesThe Great-Granddaughter of the two RV Gypsies

Lee Duquette and his  Great-Granddaughter Lee Duquette and his  Great-Granddaughter

Karen Duquette has entered the contests for 8 years and each and every year, the employees and customers always say she has the best costume, and Karen is asked to pose for photos constantly by patrons.

Karen enjoys the day because it is always fun to design a costume. (Note: The Pot of Gold and the Irish Beer Barrel EACH cost $100 or more to make). Karen also loves the kids that march through the restaurant and the very talented bagpipe player, the food, the atmosphere and the decorations. She also brings her family and friends there for the contest, usually 12 or more people, and she often eats lunch there with dance friends during the week.

Flanigan's St. Patrick's day ad

This year, Jimmy Flanigan said that he really loved Karen Duquette's "Flanigan's Irish Beer Barrel" costume.

laughing clipart dudeA female that Karen Duquette did not know got down for a drink of green beer. Karen was shocked.

she really wanted a drink of green beer

Danni, Josh, and Alex


grandchildren family

A few photos were taken after Karen took off her beard and barrel but the beard left some green on her face.

leprechaun the two RV Gypsies & the bagpipe player
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Below: Collage of Karen Duquette in previous winning outfits - 8 different years

pot of goldcollage of St. Patrick's Day costumesshamrock
look below

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