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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed
Dr. Paul Wagner's Honey Island Swamp Tour
41490 Crawford Landing Road
Slidell, Louisiana 70461
on September 13, 2017
for reservations, call '504.242.5877 or '685.641.1769

USA map showing location of LouisianaLouisiana map showing location of Slidell

welcome to Louisiana sign

Dr. Paul Wager's Honey Island Swamp Tour sign

Small boats (both covered and uncovered) allow deep access into the heart of the beautiful Honey Island Cypress Swamp. All boats are Coast Guard-inspected and all guides are licensed, native professionals.

Dr. Paul Wager's Honey Island Swamp Tour

U.S. Coast Guard certified boats

swap seen looking from the deck
by the office/store

The Pearl River


The Pearl River

Below: Private houseboat for fishing and some really big catfish

Private houseboat for fishing

really big catfish

really big catfish

really big catfish

Along the Pearl River, there were many small houses, many of which were only lived in part-time for fishing. Behind many of these houses, there were lots of really big houses.

house along the Pearl River

house along the Pearl River

houses and houseboats along the Peal River Pearl River Swamp

Crab pots

Snail egg in a tree

crab pots

snail egg

The swamp is part of nature's natural beauty. Honey Island Swamp is unique because it's one of the least-altered river swamps in the country. It's pretty much in its original condition, almost a pristine wilderness.



Below: Karen Duquette took pictures of the Spanish moss hanging on gnarled cypress trees as the boat travelled into one of the wildest and most pristine river swamps in America. This was a narrated nature tour into part of the 250-square mile Honey Island Swamp.

spanish moss on trees

spanish moss on trees

The Pearl River

Lee thought the tree stump
looked like a big hand

Pearl River

big hand

Below: A very crooked building with a sign, "It's not Krooked you R drunk"

crooked building

It's not Krooked you R drunk sign

Below: Lee Duquette and Captain Hunter who was very informative, funny, and interesting in his narrations and stories. The two RV Gypsies definitely recommend this tour and this tour driver.

Lee Duquette

Captain Hunter

Below: Turtles and birds. Nearly 70,000 acres of it is a permanently-protected wildlife area--the Nature Conservancy's First Louisiana Nature Preserve.

turtles turtles
turtles Blue Heron
egret egret

look below

check out the alligators and other wildlifeContinue on to page 2 - alligators, plus feral hogs and raccoons.