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The two RV Gypsies' travels in The Yukon Territory - Canada
The Yukon Territory

These pages will be most appreciated if viewed in the order they occurred. But this is not meant to be a linear site so visitors my view the pages in any order.

map showing location of The Yukon Territory in Canada
Yukon flag

1. Watson Lake (gateway to the Yukon) & the Sign Post Forest - & RV Park - May 31, 2009

2. Teslin - the Continental Divide - beautiful scenery - Johnson's Crossing and a FOX in the campground - June 1, 2009
3. Whitehorse - Miles Canyon - the Robert Lowe Suspension Bridge - and more - June 3, 2009
4. Lake Kluane, the Haines Junction monument - a wild coyote and more - June 4, 2009
5. Bumps and Gunk on the Alaska Highway - 2009

THE YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA - full menu of the sites below
June 17 - July 6, 2016

Travel to Watson Lake, fog, lakes, scenery and wildlife - Bears and Buffalo - 6/17/16

Sign Post Forest - Watson Lake (and a sign for Brian Duquette) - June 17-19, 2016

Downtown RV Park - Watson Lake

Lucky Lake and a hike to the Liard River in Watson Lake - 6/18/16

travel from Watson Lake to Teslin - plus rabbits, 3 moose, a bear and a porcupine - 6/21/16

Yukon Motel & Campground in Teslin - June 20-22

Village of Teslin June 21-22, 2016

RV towed Watson Lake/Teslin, then Whitehorse - summary of RV disaster

Whitehorse - 3 pages - June 23-July 5, 2016

Takhini Hot Springs - 6/23/16

Miles Canyon and the Robert Lowe Suspension Bridge - 6/24/16

Restaurants in Whitehorse

day trip on the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse, Yukon past the Southern Lakes, plus stops at Carcross Desert, the Village of Carcross, Bove Island Viewpoint, views of Mount Conrad, the Yukon Suspension Bridge, waterfalls and more - 7/3/16

SS Klondike - sternwheeler in Whitehorse, a Nat'l Historic Site of Canada - 7/5/16

travel through Yukon - Haines Junction, Klune Lake, Burwash Landing, wildlife 7/6/16

Pickhandle Lake and Beaver Creek - 7/6/16 - (then the two RV Gypsies went into Alaska)

travel from Tok Alaska, heading south throughout the Yukon. August 11-14

Destruction Bay RV Park in Yukon - August 12

(then the two RV Gypsies drove into British Columbia)

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