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Downtown RV Park
105 8th Street North
Watson Lake, Yukon
2016 & 2009 photos

Note: Comments made here do not make the campground good or bad in general. They are just the personal observations of the two RV Gypsies on a certain date.

Downtown R.V. Park
sign - Downtown RV Park
the new yard of the two RV Gypsies

This park was within an extremely short walking distance of everything: The Sign Post Forest, grocery store (everything in the grocery store costs an arm and a leg), library, post office, Northern Lights Center with an indoor show, car wash, bank, and liquor store.

unhappy faceThere was a free do-it-yourself area to wash your RV or car, free Wi-Fi which was very slow, 20-30 amp service. It appears to be a place where RVers stay mostly just for the one night while passing through Watson Lake. The sites were packed close together - if sites were to be full, there would be no space to put out an awning, or sit outside in a lawn chair. The two RV Gypsies had AT&T but did NOT have any cell phone service through Rogers. Rogers does NOT work in the Yukon Territory. TV channels 3 -14 came in. Check-out time 11 a.m.

These photos are all from the year 2009. The two RV Gypsies did not take any photos in the campground in 2016 because although their RV was parked in this campground, it was in repair and the two RV Gypsies were not thinking much about photos at the time. A part had to be taken out of the RV and taken to another city to try and get the right replacement part and the campground had a fit about that.

first WYE Lake Park
Karen Duquette at the first WYE Lake Park
A nice lake right beside the park. Lee photographed a bird flying over the lake and landing in the tree.
bird flying over the lake
bird flying over the lake
bird in the tree
bird leaving the tree
Karen Duquette by the lake
look below

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