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The two RV Gypsies
travel from Watson Lake to Teslin
in the Yukon Territory
June 21, 2016

(rabbits, 3 moose, a bear, and a porcupine)

As mentioned on a previous page, the RV had a hose replaced in Watson Lake, but it was a temporary fix, and needed to be redone in Whitehorse. So Lee thought it wise to get an early start since it was about 200 miles away. Karen usually goes to bed between 2 and 3 a.m. anyway, so she just stayed up the whole time, while Lee did get some sleep.

3 a.m.

3:30 a.m.

3 am photo 3:30 a.m. photo
early morning photo there's gold in the mountains ahead

Lots of rabbits were seen, but they moved quickly and were hard to photograph from a moving RV.

a rabbit a rabbit

Two moose crossing the road

Two moose crossing the road Two moose crossing the road
Two moose crossing the road Two moose crossing the road

The shadow of the RV on the road

A quick rest stop to check out
the signs shown below.

The shadow of the RV on the road A quick rest stop
Yukon River Watershed sign

The Continental Divide divides two of the largest drainage systems in North America - The Yukon River and Mackenzie River watersheds. Water draining west from this point forms the Swift River. This river drains into the Yukon River and continues a northwest journey of 2,300 miles to the Bering Sea (Pacific Ocean). Water that drains to the east forms the Rancheria River which flows into the Liard River than into the Mackenzie River. These waters flow northward and empty into the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean) after a journey of 2,650 miles.

Continental Divide  sign
Liard River Watershed sign

a bear in the road

A moose in the road

moose in the road moose in the road

A Porcupine


On June 21, the two RV Gypsies left Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake early in the morning and headed to Whitehorse, but all gas stations were closed and they ran too low on diesel. Lee pulled the RV over to the side of the road and Karen stayed in the RV while Lee drove the toad to Teslin for diesel. It took awhile because he had to wait for the gas station to open that morning. Very little traffic passed by the RV while Karen waited for Lee's return.

Eventually the two RV Gypsies headed out in their RV again and they stopped at a gas station to put even more diesel into the RV. It was a cloudy, dreary day, but no rain or anything. UNTIL Lee pulled into the gas station. And then guess what! It HAILED on him as he was putting diesel into the RV. Karen handed Lee an umbrella so the hail would not bop Lee in the head. As soon as the RV was full of diesel and the two RV Gypsies hit the road again, the hail stopped. Say What!

So the two RV Gypsies started on their way in the RV again, but a warning light kept saying "Stop Engine" even though all signals said all fluids were okay. The RV ran very sluggish, but eventually made it to the Yukon Hotel and Campground in Teslin. And as bad luck would have it, both tow companies Lee called that were capable of towing a 40-foot RV, had their own tow trucks broken down. For the full repair story, click here.

look below

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