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Pennsylvania Main Photo Menu & Notes
There is a menu at the bottom of this page with links to 10 different areas of Pennsylvania with photos and history- June 2008
The two RV Gypsies arrived at Thousand Trails Campground in Lebanon, Pennsylvania on June 3, 2008 then drove their RV on June 10th to Quakertown, PA. During this time, they visited Intercourse and Hershey among other cities. SEE THE MENU BELOW FOR PHOTO SELECTIONS. Also, Karen's cousins that she hasn't seen since she was a child, visited for a family reunion. During part of this time frame, Karen was in Stockholm, Sweden for two weeks, while Lee was in Pennsylvania. Scroll down for Pennsylvania photos please.
awesomeThe first thing the two RV Gypsies noticed about Pennsylvania was how courteous people were while driving their cars (at least on this date). Drivers stopped to let a car out of their driveway; they yielded the right-of-way to the two RV Gypsies' big RV so they could make a turn. This did NOT ever happen in Florida. In Florida, most drivers stopped in front of people's driveways even though they had a red light and someone wanted to come out of their driveway. AWESOME - LOVE YOU PENNSYLVANIA DRIVERS!
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Menu for photos of the two RV Gypsies' adventures in Pennsylvania is below. Check them all out in the order of your choice!
Thousand Trails in Lebanon
Tohickon Campground
in Quakertown
Antique Car Museum
Delaware River dividing PA & NJ
Hershey & Hershey Chocolate World
Hershey Gardens
Hershey Park
Indian Echo Caverns
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Karen's family re-union

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