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The two RV Gypsies at
Hershey Gardens in 2008
plus more places to visit in the sub-menu at the bottom of this page
Karen at the Hershey Gardens entrance
Hershey Gardens entrance sign
first views upon entering Hershey Gardens
first view upon entering Hershey Gardens
first view upon entering Hershey Gardens
View from the Gardens looking at
Hershey Amusement Park
Beautiful sculptures in a tree
view from the Gardens looking into Hershey
a gret tree
The Two RV Gypsies found peace and beauty at Hershey Gardens
Lee at the entrance
Karen Duquette at the Hershey Kisses Sculptures which sprayed water out of the top of the kisses..
Karen & Hershey Kisses
got milk
The 9 squares shown below were musical and Karen danced on them. A video has been taken of this funny event can be seen by choosing the TOC button above, the choosing Movies/Videos. Botanical Tunes were such a delight!
Botanical tunes
Below: This fountain kept the ball rising and falling - a fun video of this can also be seen by choosing the TOC button above.
garden fountain
water fountain
a great tree
Poster showing how actual
Cart & Pony Rides were given at
Hershey Park 1949-1970
A replica of the Cart & Pony Ride
carriage sign
horse and carriage
lamb earrrrrrrr
tub of flowers
The Two RV Gypsies at the River Banker's Picnic area in Hershey Gardens
the two RV Gypsies being professional tourists
Lee on the bridge ro River Banker's Picnic area
Hen and chicks
After seeing the Obedient Plant, Karen made Lee obey her and stand in the rock slippers.
Obedoent Plant
chocolate tropics chart
chocolate tropics chart
garden view
Lee resting
Lee resting
Karen thought that the tree shown below looked like a horse eating.
tree horse
The Butterfly House at
Hershey Gardens
Butterfly House at Hershey Gardens
Monarch life cycle
butterfly info


Butterfly gardens at Hershey Park
Butterfly Gardens
look below
Menu for photos of the two RV Gypsies' adventures in Pennsylvania plus a link to Indiana is below. Check them all out in the order of your choice!
Thousand Trails in Lebanon
Tohickon Campground
in Quakertown
Antique Car Museum
Delaware River dividing PA & NJ
Hershey & Hershey Chocolate World
Hershey Gardens
Hershey Park
Indian Echo Caverns
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Karen's family re-union
look below

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