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map of NC showing Boone
Boone, Blowing Rock, the Zipline in Seven Devils, and Grandfather Mountain
May 4-6, 2010
Boone is a town located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Boone is the county seat of Watauga County. The town is named for famous pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone. Boone's elevation is about 3,333 feet above mean sea level, which is the highest elevation of any town of its size (over 10,000 population) east of the Mississippi River. Nickname: The Heart of the High Country
Boone City Limit sign
welcome to boone sign
The oxeye daisy was the state flower, unofficially, in the early 1900;s until the state moved to give the honor to the dogwood in 1941. These two flowers live in harmony.
dogwood - state flower of North Carolina
Oxeye Daisy flower
dogwood tree
Cardinal - NC's state bird
North Carolina's state bird is the Cardinal. The Cardinal is also the state bird for Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.
The KOA Campground in Boone, North Carolina and statues in front of the office.
The KOA Kampground in Boone, North Carolina
statues- Snow White & 3 dwarfs
Game room in the office of the campground.
Lee and some goats at the campground
The new yard of the two RV Gypsies
the RV of the two RV Gypsies
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The two RV Gypsies in North Carolina
- May 4-6 2010 -
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Boone, North Carolina
Hawksnest Zipline
The City of Blowing Rock
Blowing Rock Mountain
Grandfather Mountain
Linville Falls
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