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Fry's Food and Drug Stores
in Gilbert and; Mesa, Arizona
July 23-26-, 2012
USA map showing location of Arizona

Fry's Food and Drug Stores, Inc., is a chain of supermarkets that has a major presence in the U.S. state of Arizona. Fry's also operates under the banner of Fry's Marketplace, a chain of multi-department stores. Fry's is a division of The Kroger Company.

divider bar
Fried Twinkies and all kinds of goodies.
Fried Twinkies
sweet goodies
Below: A chocolate fountain and other delights
chocolate fountain and other delights
Below: Edible flowers and fruit delights
edible flowers and fruit delights
edible flowers and fruit delights
watermelon pops
USA design flowers
the pie chef
a real large wine section
two rows of Italian foods
and seasonings
large wine section
Italian foods
2 rows of Hispanic foods grab a coffee and
sit and relax with a book
Hispanic foods
coffee and books
Two very long rows of toys
toy rows
look below
Below is the sub-menu for Arizona
You may view these twelve (12) choices in any order you wish. There is also a link to California at the bottom of this page.
Willcox, Arizona
and the BBQ Restaurant
Fort Willcox RV Park
and the roadrunner
Chiricahua National Monument The double rainbow
and the deer encounter
Saguaro National Park Sabino Canyon
Travel and Casa Grande Ruins Amazing scenery
Fry's (this page) London Bridge
Parker Dam Lake Havasu Island
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