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butterfly icon The USA button above takes you through the journeys of the two RV Gypsies in the continental USA (lower 48). This includes photos from the years of 2008 through the present. Future years will be added to as they occur.
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butterfly icon The Alaska button above takes you to the journeys of the two RV Gypsies travels in Alaska for almost 3 months in 2009. Plus Alaska in 2015 & 2016 when some family members joined them there.

Alaska is amazing. Be sure to check out the Alaska facts about Daylight, the Toursaver book, customs, terminology and more.

(yes, Alaska IS part of the USA, but merits its own section- because it is the biggest state in the United States of America and a lot of photos were taken there by the two RV Gypsies)

Eventually, Karen might find time to add photos and information from their 2004 Alaska cruise, and although it was very nice, it cannot compare to seeing Alaska by RV.

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butterfly icon The Canada button above takes you to the journeys of the two RV Gypsies in Canada. The two RV Gypsies plan on seeing a lot more of this beautiful country as soon as they can, so keep checking back.
butterfly icon The "About Us" button above is a
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BELOW: PHOTOS AND EVENTS that may not be found through the Navigational Buttons listed above.

Karen gets a surprise paty
butterfly icon. Karen got a surprise retirement Happy Trails party from her dance friends before starting her journey as an RV Gypsy in 2008. They dressed her in a USA hat and vest. Karen didn't even realize that Lee was also there behind the doorway taking photographs.
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butterfly icon Lee also retired in 2008 and got a party at work - What a happy face! (This is the only photo from this event - men don't take many photos at these type of parties).
Lee Duquette's retirement photo
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butterfly icon Florida RV trips before full-time travel in 2008. It is a good idea to take local trips before taking your first long trip in a new RV. This is a learning experience and you are not too far from home if problems occur with a new RV. Of course the two RV Gypsies do NOT have a home, other than their RV, that is, because they sold their house to become RV Gypsies. But they posted places they went to before they hit the road for their yearly long trips.
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butterfly icon January 2009 - Returning to a Florida Campground to be with family for a few months in the winter, Karen had 90 guests at her birthday party at America's Backyard, an outdoor nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Karen Duquette
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butterfly icon The two RV Gypsies met celebrities in 2009.
Elvin Hayes (The Big E) from the Houston Rockets basketball team, who is listed in the basketball Hall of Fame.
Plus Dallas Seavey, who placed 6th in the famous Iditarod race in 2009 and 1st in 2015 and other years.
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butterfly iconFlorida 2009 (Halloween - Easter) Fun photos in Broward County Florida with family and friends of the two RV Gypsies. Plus see Karen turn "green" . Then they drove their RV all across the southern USA states, up the west coast, into Alaska for three months, then some of Canada, and worked their way back to Florida for the winter to be with family.
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butterfly icon Florida 2011 (Halloween 2011- Easter 2012). Then they visited much of the eastern USA and into Canada.

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butterfly icon Florida 2012 (Thanksgiving 2012 - the end of April 2013) Family, Friends, Holidays, a rain storm, and the Irish Angel. Then they toured many states in the USA and a bit in Canada.
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butterfly icon Florida 2013 ( Halloween 2013 - May 2014) The RV Gypsies wintered in Florida (living in their RV of course) for a longer time than what was anticipated due to unforeseen circumstances. Please enjoy their holiday photos of family and friends, the pot of gold and more during this time. Then they toured a lot of other places in the USA and Canada.
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butterfly iconThe RV Gypsies wintered in their RV (their only home) in Florida November 2014 and December 2014. Photos are posted. Then they extensively visited most states in the northeast and southeast, followed by a cruise with friends.
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butterfly iconThe RV Gypsies wintered in their RV (their only home) in Florida January 2015 through April 19, 2015. Photos are posted. Then they toured a across the southern states, up the west coast of the USA and into Alaska, Canada, and then across the northern states, and back down to Florida.
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butterfly iconlove clipart  The two RV Gypsies proudly announced the birth of their great-granddaughter Gabriella. She joins her older brother Anthony. Photos are throughout this website, especially on #1 of most yearly USA map. great-grandchildren of the two RV Gypsies
butterfly iconThe RV Gypsies wintered in their RV (their only home) in Florida January 1, 2016 through April 24, 2016. Photos are posted. Then they visited many other states, and several places in Canada.
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butterfly icon The RV Gypsies wintered in their RV (their only home) in Florida January 1, 2017 through May 30, 2017. Photos are posted. Then they visited several other states, and Karen also flew to California for her niece's wedding.
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butterfly icon The RV Gypsies wintered in their RV (their only home) in Florida January 1, 2018 through July 5, 2018. Photos are posted. Then they visited other areas of Florida, plus South and North Carolina, and Tennessee.
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