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The two RV Gypsies (plus one)
made a brief stop at
Marymere Falls in Washington.
June 25, 2015

sign: Marymere Falls

sign: Marymere Falls Trail

The two RV Gypsies came upon Marymere Falls quite a bit before they reached Olympic National Park and it provided a nice relief from the car ride. Marymere Falls is located near Lake Crescent in the state of Washington. The falls are accessed by a one-mile, well maintained, dirt trail through old-growth lowland forest consisting of fir, cedar, hemlock, and alder trees. Falls Creek descends from and tumbles over Marymere Falls and then flows into Barnes Creek.

Marymere Falls has a height of 90 feet. The falls is one of the more popular attractions in the area, due to ease of access and proximity to U.S. Highway 101.

Lee Duquete and Ilse at a tunnel

car driving over the tunnel

laughing clipart dudeBelow: Walking through a tunnel while a car raced overhead made Lee and Ilse dizzy; OR was it the photographer who was dizzy?

Lee and Ilse at end of th tunnel dizzy people

First a tunnel, now a bridge.

Lee likes to photograph trees.

bridge Lee likes to photograph trees

Barnes Creek

Barnes Creek

river stream

river stream

river stream

river stream

Bridge #2 is a longer, orange bridge.

bridge number 2

bridge number 2 and Lee Duquette

Below: View from each side of the bridge shown above.

view from the bridge

view from the bridge

weird shape of nature

Karen Duquette takes a break

Bridge #3

Lee Duquette on Bridge #3

Ilse and Lee on Bridge #3

Children enjoyed the sandy beach by the river. And a view of the previous bridge.

People enjoying the sandy area

two bridges

Bridge #4

Lee Duquette on bridge number 4 Ilse on bridge number 4

A view of the stream on one side of the bridge.

a stream

The trail continued

rough part of the trail

stairs on the trail

Karen Duquette
Karen Duquette Karen Duquette

The two RV Gypsies finally reached the hillside and looked down on the falls, where Falls Creek plunges through a notch in the cliff. Then they went to the lower platform which gave a view directly opposite the base of the falls.

laughing clipart dudeMarymere Falls was named in honor of Mary Alice Barnes, sister of Charles Barnes, a member of the Press Expedition and homesteader along the shores of Lake Crescent.

Marymere Falls - 90-feet tall Marymere Falls - 90-feet tall
Marymere Falls - 90-feet tall Marymere Falls - 90-feet tall
Lee, Ilse and Karen at Marymere Falls Ilse and the two RV Gypsies at Marymere Falls

Marymere Falls tried to hit Ilse in the head with a big stick!

Karen Duquette and her sister at Marymere Falls Marymere Falls

A beautiful waterfall plummeted a rocky grotto full of greenery; the wild rainforest vegetation.

Marymere Falls

Lee took a break by leaning against a very tall tree.

Lee Duquette relaxes Lee Duquette relaxes

A deer lurked in the bushes.

A deer

A deer

A deer

A deer

A deer

Lake Crescent is simply beautiful. The parking lot, visitor center and lodge are all located on a peninsula on the lake and visitors can walk along the lake shore and enjoy the views.

Pyramid Peak is the high mountain straight across, but this is area is more an opportunity to stroll, perhaps wade, or fish. Just walk from your car to the lake, pick a direction and stroll.

Lake Crescent

Lee Duquette at Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent Karen Duquette at Lake Crescent
Lake Crescent Lake Crescent

a sailboat

sailboat, dock and the lake

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