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The two RV Gypsies drove to
Yaguina Bay Lighthouse
in  Oregon
June 15, 2015

Oregon map showing location of the lighthouse
sign: Oregon History Yaquina Bay

The two RV Gypsies arrived at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse parking lot just after the lighthouse had closed for the day. They were very disappointed, but they took a few photos of the bridge and the bay from the parking lot.

bridge by Yaquina Bay
beach and the waters beach and the water

The Yaquina Bay Light is a lighthouse built in 1871 soon after the founding of the city of Newport, Oregon, United States. It is located on the north side of Yaquina Bay, the most populated port between Puget Sound and San Francisco at the time. The Yaquina Bay Light was built by Ben Simpson and first lit on November 3, 1871. It was active for only three years due to the establishment of the Yaquina Head Light in 1873, located 3 miles north of Yaquina Bay. The bay lighthouse was decommissioned on October 1, 1874, because the Yaquina Head Light made it obsolete. The fifth order Fresnel lens was moved to the Yerba Buena Light for its opening in 1875.

sign: Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

In 1934, the Oregon State Highway Division bought the property around the lighthouse for a state park. The park site included the lighthouse, coast guard observation tower, and acres of forested bluff, ocean dunes and beaches.

The Yaquina Bay structure is the only existing lighthouse in the state in which the living quarters are housed in the same building as the light. Only a few of this type were built on the entire Pacific coast.

The building is reputed to be haunted.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

On the drive back to Florence, Lee stopped to get gas, and Karen snapped the photo shown below of a building with a lighthouse on it. It is a Law Office according to the sign on the building.

Law office with a lighthouse on it.

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in  Florence, Oregon
June 15, 2015

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