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The two RV Gypsies at Hunt Creek Falls
in Coolin, Idaho
July 12, 2013

Hunt Creek Falls are located in a secluded ravine and surrounded by large moss-covered granite boulders. The Falls are just a short hike from the parking area. It is a magical setting that attacks those who truly appreciate the natural wonders of water, rock and flora. However, this was a very difficult waterfall fro the two RV Gypsies to find. The directions the two RV Gypsies found included words like "just prior to milepost 4", "unmarked intersection" and "open area in the forest" - not the best directions ever written. But the two RV Gypsies persisted and it paid off - they got there!

map of Priest Lake, Coolin Bay
sign: Coolin Welcomes you

This is some of the actual ROAD
going to Hunt Creek Falls

A look through the trees along the trail.
It was a short, rocky trail.

the road to Hunt Creek Falls
first look at the water of Hunt Creek Falls

The best view of Hunt Creek Falls

Hunt Creek Falls
Hunt Creek Falls
Hunt Creek Falls
Hunt Creek Falls

Lee Duquette ducked under part of a tree that stuck out over the trail, and Karen Duquette played with another tree hanging over the trail. With just a slight touch, the tree would just bounce up and down.

Lee ducks under part of a tree
Karen Duquette plays with a tree that bounces

Another look through the woods and the two RV Gypsies realized that they have already seen Hunt Creek Falls from the best viewing point and there was no reason to go further on the trail. Then they met a family with two young children coming down from higher up on the trail and they confirmed that the view would not get any better further up the trail. So the two RV Gypsies turned around, took another look at Hunt Creek Falls from the original viewing spot, and then walked back to their truck and headed out to another adventure.

Hunt Creeek Falls
Hunt Creeek Falls

Menu for the two RV Gypsies' Adventures in Idaho
July 2013
You may visit these six sites in any order you choose.
There is also a link to Washington below.

Blue Lake RV Resort

Bonners Ferry

Moyie Springs and Lookout

Hunt Creek Falls

Granite Creek Falls

Myrtle Creek Falls and Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

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