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The two RV Gypsies at Moyie Springs
and Moyie River Canyon Overlook
July 2013
USA map showing location of IdahoIdaho map showing location of Moyie Springs

While Lee Duquette was driving the motorhome over a bridge in Moyie Springs, Idaho on July 9, 2013, Karen Duquette got a quick glimpse of a raging waterfall and managed to snap two quick photographs.

a raging waterfall in Moyie Springs, Idaho
a raging waterfall in Moyie Springs, Idaho

Below: A sample of the beautiful scenery while driving though Moyie Springs in Idaho

beautiful scenery while driving though Moyie Springs in Idaho

On July 10, 2013, the two RV Gypsies left their RV in the RV Park and drove their truck to Moyie River Canyon Overlook. The two signs below are big so that they can be read. They are full of interesting facts and history.

sign about the Moyie River Canyon

sign about the Moyie River

The Moyie River Canyon Bridge is a structural steel truss cantilever bridge at mile marker 70 on U.S. Route 2 spanning the Moyie River near Bonners Ferry and Moyie Springs. It was constructed in 1965 and it is 1,223-foot long and 424 feet high. The current bridge replaced an obsolete bridge built in 1923, directly downstream from the municipally owned Moyie Dam. It also replaces 1-1/4 miles of narrow, winding highway.

The bridge is the second highest in Idaho, exceeded only by the 476-foot high Perrine Bridge across the Snake River near Twin Falls, Idaho.

the 1,223 foot long steel truss bridge over the Moyie River

On the other side of the bridge is the power dam, constructed by the City of Bonners Ferry, and it supplies electricity to the surrounding area. The spillway is 83 feet high and the drop is 212 feet from the top of the dam to the lower pool. (According to the sign above, Niagara Falls has a drop of only 168 feet). The Moyie River is 100 miles long.

the 1,223 foot long steel truss bridge over the Moyie River

power dam over Moyie River

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in July 2013
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Blue Lake RV Resort

Bonners Ferry

Moyie Springs and Lookout

Hunt Creek Falls

Granite Creek Falls

Myrtle Creek Falls and Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

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