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Fort Niagara State Park and Lake Ontario plus
Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse and Old Fort Niagara

July 27, 2011
USA map showing location of New York
state of NY image
Fort Niagara State Park is located in the Town of Porter in Niagara County, New York, northwest of Youngstown, New York. Historic Old Fort Niagara is located within the park.
sign - Fort Niagara State Park
The two RV Gypsies could barely see the Toronto Skyline and the buildings described below.
sign about the Toronto Skyline
Toronto, Canada as seen from Fort Niagara State Park in NY
sing about the CN Tower in Toronto
Lake Ontario
Fort Niagara State Park gives a view of Lake Ontario
Fort Niagara State Park gives a view of Lake Ontario
All the rocks shown in the photo below were covered with water and the water was crystal clear in Lake Ontario at Fort Niagara State Park - no swimming or wading allowed.
Crystal clear water in Lake Ontario at Fort Niagara State Park
Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse
clipart of a history bookThis is the 3rd lighthouse at Fort Niagara. Built in 1872, the 50 foot octagonal stone tower was completed on the lake shoreline just south of the fort. This new tower had 11 feet added to its height in 1900 making it 61 feet tall, enabling its beacon to shine out some 25 miles over Lake Ontario.

The deactivated lighthouse is one of many exhibits in Old Fort Niagara State Park, where it watches over the park's numerous military reenactments.

Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse
Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse
Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse
Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse
The entrance to the museum and grounds of Old Fort Niagara
Lee Duquette and Alex entering the museum
grounds outside of Old Fort Niagara
grounds outside of Old Fort Niagara
Entering Old Fort Niagara
is Alex pick-pocketing Karen?
the two RV Gypsies and their grandson at Old Fort Niagara
emblem above the building
Alex opening the heavy door at Old Fort Niagara
Panaroma view of Old Fort Niagara
Panaroma view of Old Fort Niagara
Panaroma view of Old Fort Niagara
Fort Niagara is a fortification originally built to protect the interests of New France in North America. It is located near Youngstown, New York, on the eastern bank of the Niagara River at its mouth, on Lake Ontario. The restored fort is the scene of frequent historical reenactments of 18th century battles that took place on the site, as well as period dances, fund raisers and other special events. Fort Niagara is a State Historic Site known as Old Fort Niagara State Historic Site.
building at Old Fort Niagara
emblem above the building
a soldier at Old Fort Niagara
Karen Duquette and two solders at Old Fort Niagara
the grandson of the two RV Gypsies examing a cannon
the grandson of the two RV Gypsies examing a cannon
an old sign
ammo room
ammo room
French Castle at Old Fort Niagara
entry to undergrund
Lee Duquette and Alex
Alex and a cannon
part of the fort
Lee Duquette going down stairs
the grandson of the two RV Gypsies exploring
Lee Duquette and Alex
view of the grounds
view of the grounds
history bookThe fort played a significant part in the French and Indian War, and fell to the British in a nineteen day siege in July 1759, called the Battle of Fort Niagara. The French relief force sent for the besieged garrison was ambushed at the Battle of La Belle-Famille, and the commander of the post, Pierre Pouchot, surrendered the fort to the British commander, Sir William Johnson, who initially led the New York Militia. The Irish-born Johnson was not the original commander of the expedition, but became its leader when General Prideaux literally lost his head, stepping in front of a mortar being test-fired during the siege. The fort remained in British hands for the next thirty-seven years.
Aelx and a cannon
security wall
this barrel talked to Alex
more cannons
high ground
inside the fort
Aelx Jones
a long walk
a last look
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game board
game board
The sub-menu below has ten sections of Niagara Falls in the USA that you may visit in any order you choose. The page you are on is not underlined and cannot be chosen from here. There is also a link to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls below, and a Flashback to1968.
Bus / walking tour of the
Whirlpool Rapids and Niagara Falls
Whirlpool Jetboat video
Maid of the Mist
Cave of the Winds

Daredevil Museum and more

The Silo, Monuments, and a sailboat
Erie Canal Locks, Lockport NY
Lockport Cave/underground boat ride
Fort Niagara and Niagara Lighthouse
Three Sisters Islands

FLASHBACK TO 1968 at Niagara Falls

look below
go to the next adventure of the two RV GypsiesAFTER you have visited all of the above sections, please continue on to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side- Journey Behind the Falls and a movie of the falls from the Skylon Tower