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The two RV Gypsies at Dillon State Park and Dam
5265 /Dillon Hills Drive
Nashport, Ohio 43830
July 12, 2020

USA map showing location of OhioOhio map showing location of Nashport

Driving through Dillon State Park, one side of the road had nice, big houses, and the other side of the road was the State Park area. There was also a Children's Learning Trail, a small playground, fishing area, and a few picnic tables. The Two RV Gypsies did not see a swim area. As the Two RV Gypsies drove along, the road ended at the water and a big boat dock area, as shown below.

Then the Two RV Gypsies drove on over to Dillon Dam and lake area. The lake covers 1,736 acres of water and was constructed primarily for flood control purposes. The lake was named after Moses Dillon who purchased the land in 1803.

NOTE: Below aerial photo from

aerial photo from

After driving along the long narrow road that divides the upper part of the dam from the lower part of the dam (see the aerial photo above), the two RV Gypsies stopped to look at the main building and the lake below.

This was built for flood management purposes and completed in 1961.

Below: Karen Duquette wanted to walk down by the lake, but Lee Duquette said there were too many stairs, so she settled on taking photographs from above. The measuring stick on the side of the building shows the height.

measuring stick

Below: Karen Duquette took a photo of the lower part of the dam and the lower parking lot as seen from the upper part. Then the Two RV Gypsies drove their car down there to explore and enjoy the view.

Below: View from below of part of the hill coming down to the dam

strong water the lower part of Dillon Dam

Below: The two RV Gypsies at the lower part of The Dillon Dam.

look below

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