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The two RV Gypsies at
Tonto National Forest
May 17, 2015

Tonto National Forest sign

The Tonto National Forest, encompassing 2,873,200 acres, is the largest of the six national forests in Arizona and is the fifth largest national forest in the United States. The Tonto National Forest has diverse scenery, with elevations ranging from 1,400 feet in the Sonoran Desert to 7,400 feet in the ponderosa pine forests of the Mogollon Rim (pronounced MOH-gee-on, or MUH-gee-own).

The Tonto National Forest is also the most visited "urban" forest in the United States. The boundaries of the Tonto National Forest are: the Phoenix metropolitan area to the south, the Mogollon Rim to the north and the San Carlos and Fort Apache Indian Reservation to the east. The Tonto (Spanish for "fool") is managed by the USDA Forest Service and its headquarters are in Phoenix.

an interesting rock in Tonto National Forest
an interesting rock in Tonto National Fores
Needle Vista sign
Weavers Needle
sign about Weavers Needle
panorama taken from the Apache trail
Weavers Needle
Weavers Needle
Apache Trail sign
Superstition mountain sign
Superstition mountain
Superstition mountain
Superstition mountain
Superstition mountain
Canon Lake Vista sign
Canon Lake Vista
Canon Lake
Canon Lake
Canon Lake
Canon Lake sign
Canon Lake
kayakers on Canon Lake
Canon Lake

A one-lane bridge for two-way traffic. Look for on-coming traffic before you enter.

one-lane bridge
one-lane bridge

The two RV Gypsies found a nice picnic table to enjoy the lunch that Lee packed. Karen photographed a nearby small lizard.

picnic table

Superstition Saloon, Restaurant, and Gift Shop, where every car must buy a pass in order to use the recreation areas. Elevation 1759.

Superstition Saloon
kickin day sign
pretty face
historical school
tight corner
Lower Fish Creek Hill sign
rugged scenery

Menu for the two RV Gypsies Adventures
in  Arizona
May 16-18, 2015

You may visit these five (5) sites in any order you choose. Scroll down below the maps for the menu.

Benson, Arizona

Tom Mix Monument

Queen Valley RV Park

Lost Dutchman State Park

Tonto National Forest

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