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Page 2 of Butler Sculpture Park: the smaller sculptures
An Amazing Place to Visit.

Two dozen smaller pieces located in galleries above Butler's studio evoke playful fantasies, while work in progress at the studio offered a chance to experience the sculptor's processes.

Butler's workshop

Mr. Butler was waiting in his workshop to explain to Lee that there were two rooms on the second floor of his workshop with the smaller sculptures. He then gave Lee a map and the two RV Gypsies headed up the stairs.


"Jest A Little"

Plie sculpture

Jest A Little sculpture

"Self Portrait"


Self Portrait sculpture and Lee Duquette

Emperor sculpture



Duet Sculpture

Flag Sculpture

"Backstage Performer"

"One With Right Angle"

Backstage Performer Sculpture

One With Right Angle Sculpture

"Mutt and Jeff"

"Silver Eye"

Mutt and Jeff sculpture

Silver Eye sculpture


Velocipede sculpture

Velocipede sculpture

"A Little Convoluted"

A Little Convoluted sculpture


"Hooked On A Feeling"

"Racing Thoughts"

Hooked On A Feeling sculpture

Racing Thoughts sculpture

"Joy Ride"

Joy Ride sculpture

Joy Ride sculpture


Pointed sculpture

Pointed sculpture

"Toy 1"

Toy 1 sculpture

"Eye On Wheel"

"Taking A Stance"

Eye On Wheel sculpture

Taking A Stance sculpture

"Rectangular Man"

"Gallery Viewers"

Rectangular Man sculpture
Gallery Viewers sculpture

Close up of the top of "Gallery Viewer 1" and "Gallery Viewer 2"

Gallery Viewer 1
Gallery Viewer 12

"Hanging Out With The Stars"

"Crowned One"

Hanging Out With The Stars knitted flag

Crowned One sculpture


Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors
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Butler Sculpture Park in Sheffield

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The Big E in Springfiled, MA

Jacobs Ladder Scenic Byway

Otis Poultry Farm "The Chicken Store" in Otis, MA

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