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USA map showing location of Las Vegas Nevada

The two RV Gypsies
drove to Nevada
August 5, 2012

Below are a few photos taken out the window of the two RV Gypsies' RV as they drove from California to Nevada on August 5, 2012, plus a few photos of the Oasis RV Resort. Below those photos there is a sub-menu for Red Rock Canyon, Red Springs, and a few photos from around Las Vegas, Terry Fator, and the Valley of Fire. So please scroll all the way down this page (and every page) and enjoy.


The two RV Gypsies saw a big temperature gauge, but they could not stop because they were in their RV.

A big temperature gauge
A big temperature gauge

Below: a few more photos of interesting scenery along the way.

sign: Mojave National Preserve
scenery along the way to Nevada
joshua tree
joshua tree
joshua trees

The two RV Gypsies settled in at the Oasis RV Resort just outside of Las Vegas.

sign: Oasis RV Resort

Lee Duquette checked the temperature of the adult pool even though he never goes into pools at campgrounds. However, Karen did use the adult pool and hot tub here, which is something she seldom does.

Lee Duquette checking the temperature of the adult pool

The Family Swimming pool and the waterfall - photos taken in the evening.

The Family Swimming pool  at R=Oasis RV Resort
waterfall by the pool at Oasis RV Resort
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Travel from CA
to NV
Las Vegas Red Springs
Red Rock National
Conservation area

Valley of Fire

Terry Fator

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AFTER you have viewed all six (6) areas above, please continue on to the adventures of The two RV Gypsies in the USA state of Utah as they explored National Parks and more: Red Canyon, Bryce, Mossy Cave, Zion, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Kodachrome Basin, Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley, Arches, Canyonlands, and the Colorado Recreation area. WOW!