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Whirlpool Jetboat ride #2
July 28, 2011
Before boarding the Whirlpool Jetboat for the second time, the two RV Gypsies and their grandson ate at the Silo Restaurant, then walked around the park and area. After the Jetboat ride, they returned to The Silo for an ice cream before going on a boat ride through the Erie Canal locks.

The Silo Restaurant has always been an important part of Lewiston waterfront history. In the 1920-30's, tourists boarded steamers at the Silo to go to Toronto. The Silo has been featured on the Travel Channel's Man v. Food.

The Silo Restaurant
In 2010, the Silo Restaurant expanded its operation by moving the old caboose from Ted Mar’s to the waterfront. The caboose serves as the Silo’s Ice Cream operation, and adds more seating outside.
 The Silo Restaurant
 Alex at The Silo Restaurant
 A nice lunch time view of the Whirlpool Jetboat from the Silo Restaurant.
 view of the Whirlpool jetboat
 view of the Whirlpool jetboat
Besides watching the Jetboat go by, the two RV Gypsies also looked out from their lunch table at the Silo to see a beautiful sailboat - The Black Pearl.
The Black Pearl.
After eating, the two RV Gypsies and their grandson walked around to the back of The Silo to get a better look at The Black Pearl.
The Black Pearl.
The Black Pearl.
history clipart bookA small park between The Silo and the area to board the Whirlpool Jetboat.
 sign - Freedom Crossing Monument 
sign - War of 1812
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