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in Yellowstone National Park

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Bison - Often referred to as buffalo. Height up to 6.6 feet, Length up to 10 feet, Weight 900 - 2,200 pounds. Bison are very unpredictable and one of the more dangerous animals in Yellowstone Park.
sign - caution bison are wild
Herds of buffalo were everywhere. The two RV Gypsies took a video of this buffalo rolling in the dirt - then he stood up and looked at them as if he wanted applause.
herd of buffalo
buffalo wanting applause
Pronghorn Antelope, the fastest land mammal in North America. In winter, like most grass eaters in the park, the antelope migrate out of the park and onto ranch lands which are lower in elevation and have less snow. Gardiner Montana is the best location to view pronghorn during the winter and very early spring months. As the snow melts, pronghorn move farther east and into the Lamar Valley.
Pronghorn Antelope
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