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San Antonio, Texas - April 9, 2009
plus photos and some historical facts
At 750-feet tall, the Tower of The Americas offers a panoramic view of San Antonio. Glass walled elevators ascend over 500 feet to the revolving restaurant and observation level (it costs $13 per person to go up). There is also an upscale eatery, banquet facility and a Texas-themed 4-D, multi-sensory theater. The Tower was built as a theme structure for Hennis Fair in 1968 and symbolizes the progress made by the merging of civilizations in the Western Hemisphere.
the Tower of Americas
the Tower of Americas
Winding along the San Antonio River from the Municipal Auditorium to the King William Historical District, the Riverwalk; or Paseo del Rio, stakes its claim. This picturesque 2.5 mile path lines both sides of the river. Much of the Riverwalk is natural waters, but part of it is man made. It also includes areas with flood doors. Many fine restaurants and shops are located along the unique walkway through downtown
River Center sign
River Center flower moat
ABOVE: The River Center where the two RV Gypsies started their ;Riverwalk boat adventure. With 125 stores, an IMAX theater, and the Rivercenter Comedy Club , this huge mall is also one of the few places on the River Walk with several chain eateries and an excellent food court.
Lee on the boat
Riverwalk boat ride scenery
Statue of Saint Anthony -
This bronze statue of San Antonio's patron saint, by sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida, was presented to the city by the Portuguese government at the 1968 Hemis Fair
Riverwalk boat ride scenery
Riverwalk boat ride scenery
Riverwalk boat ride scenery
San Fernando Cathedral; From the city's earliest days, religious, cultural, and civic events have been held in this grand French Gothic cathedral. Not just a place of worship, San Fernando is today recognized as a symbol of unity for the people of San Antonio. Mexican General Santa Anna flew the flag of no mercy from its rooftop at the start of the siege of the Alamo, and it is here that the ashes of the defenders of Alamo are purported to lie.
Each of the 35 bridges along the River Walk were uniquely designed.
Riverwalk boat ride scenery
Riverwalk boat ride scenery
AZTEC on the River
The Aztec On The River is a rare Jewel on San Antonio's RiverWalk. The Aztec Theater is a showpiece of architecture that will have you step back in time when movies where housed in grand palaces. Built in 1926, it is the only surviving exotic-themed movie palace in Texas. The Aztec On The River has been elaborately restored with modern enhancements including a FREE special effects show in the Grand Lobby and a giant screen theatre showing films that transport viewers on exciting adventures. The unique shopping and dining make a visit to the Aztec On The River a memorable experience.
Riverwalk boat ride  waterfall
Riverwalk boat ride scenery
BELOW: TORCH OF FRIENDSHIP a big, RED, twisted steel art piece in the middle of the trolley station area. A gift to San Antonio by Mexican leaders to represent both friendship and roots many share in Texas and Mexico. It's made of 50 tons of red steel, stands 65 feet tall and was shipped here in six pieces. Unfortunately, despite what it means, some people think this thing is an eyesore to the downtown area.
As the Riverboat comes out from under a tunnel, you suddenly see this hotel as an illusion because it appears to be a flat, one-sided building. Amazing.
illusional building
illusional building
mosaic on wall of the Hilton
This art weighs 2,000 pounds
a mosaic
This waterfall and stream runs through the square and into the hotel
Karen and a waterfall
a stream
The two RV Gypsies and their new RV friends stopped for Margaritas
New RV Friends
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