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The Alamo - photos & historical facts
April 9, 2009
After viewing the photos below that were taken at The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, choose one of the other five categories in the sub-menu below for more photos and more historical facts. Because of the volume of photos, using sub-menus will allow the photos to refresh much faster.
The Alamo (the Mission of San Antonio de Valero) was established in 1718. The long Barrack museum, the oldest building in San Antonio, displays the dramatic battle of March 6, 1836 where Davy Crockett, Colonel William B. Travis, and 189 Texas patriots lost their lives fighting for freedom against Mexican General Santa Anna's army of 2,500.
Karen Duquette in front of The Alamo
Alamo Sign
ABOVE: Karen Duquette in front of The Alamo
the wall around The Alamo
Alamo gate
Alamo wall and tree
Alamo wall and tree
Below: The Library - a Research building
Lee Duquette and the flags
The Alamo Library

The Alamo walkway

Below: Two views of the building just outside of the Alamo

building outside the Alamo
building outside the Alamo
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The Alamo
Admiralty RV Park
The City of San Antonio
MadDogs and more
Japanese Gardens
Mission San Jose
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