The Two RV Gypsies'
travel photos in South Carolina, May 21 - 23, 2023.
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USA map showing location ;of South Carolina

buullet May 21, 2023 - Twin Falls in Sunset, SC (2022 & 2023 combination of photos)

buullet May 22, 2023 - Pumpkintown Mountain Opry, the giant orange chair and pumpkin

buullet May 22, 2023 - Upstate Zipline in Sunset, South Carolina

buullet May 22, 2023 - Lighthouse Restaurant and Lake Keowee in Seneca, SC

buullet May 23, 2023 - Puerto-Neuvo Mexican Restaurant in Westminster, SC

buullet May 23, 2023 - Station Cove Falls in Oconee County, SC - very nice waterfall

buullet May 23, 2023 - Table Rock Overlook

buullet May 23, 2023 - Chattooga River designated as a "Wild and Scenic River" & kayakers

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