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Montana Veteran's Memorial
River Road North and 26th Street
Great Falls, Montana
phone '406.454.9070
May 28, 2016

The Montana Veterans Memorial honors Montana military veterans, both living and deceased. With the Missouri River tumbling below and the grassy terrain of Eagle Falls Golf Course rolling nearby, the memorial occupies a setting that is both majestic and peaceful. A kiosk with a computer helps visitors find specific locations for the more than 5000 names displayed there.

plaque: Montana Veterans Memorial

rows of names at Montana Veteran's Memorial

sign about the Warrior Angel

the Warrior Angel

the Warrior Angel

the Warrior Angel

Missing in Action honor plaque

War on Terrorisn honor plaque

Vietnam War honor plaque

Korean War honor plaque

World War II honor plaque

World War I honor plaque

U.S. Army honor circle

U.S. Navy honor circle

U.S. Marine Corps honor circle

U.S. Coast Guard  honor circle

U.S. Air Force  honor circle

Medal of Honor recipients list

View of the Missouri River from the Montana Veteran's Memorial

Scenery from the Montana Veteran's Memorial

a big thank you for the volunteers

As the two RV Gypsies were leaving, Karen Duquette smelled her favorite flower, and she turned around and saw a beautiful lilac bush.

lilac bush lilac bush
Menu for the two RV Gypsies Adventures in Montana
(sites 17-20 on the 2016 USA map)
May 22-31, 2016

You may visit these sites in any order you choose.
There is also a link to Alberta, Canada below.

green bullet travel photos and Billings Village RV Park - (site 17)

green bullet Billings Welcome Center

green bullet Chief Plenty Coups State Park

green bullet Famous Dave's Restaurant

green bullet Pictograph Cave State Park - two pages

green bullet Pompeys Pillar - two pages

green bullet Riverfront Park

green bullet Swords Rimrock Park - Scenic Park

green bullet Yellowstone Kelly

bar & barn divide bar

green bullet Conestoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs (site 18)

green bullet Natural Mineral Hot Springs in White Sulphur Springs

bar & barn divide bar

green bullet RV driving day and snow lingering alongside the road - (site 19)

green bullet Fort Benton, Montana- the birthplace of Montana

green bullet Veteran's Memorial Park

green bullet Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Nat'l Monument

bar & barn divide bar

Places in Great Falls Montana - (site # 20)

green bullet Great Falls, MT: paintings, bridges, statues, Pasta Montana

green bullet The Historical Depot Building

green bullet The Montana Veteran's Memorial (this page)

green bullet Lewis & Clark National Historic Interpretive Center - 2 pages

green bullet Giant Springs State Park, springs, waterfall, long and short rivers

green bullet Rainbow, Crooked, and Black Eagle Falls and Sacagawea Overlook

green bullet Gibson Park: statues and a Flower Garden

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