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West Haven, Bridgeport,
Seaside Park, and more
September 16, 2014
USA map showing location of Connecticutmap of CT showing location of West Haven
The two RV Gypsies visited a friend in Stratford, Connecticut
and they went out to eat at
Jimmie's of Savin Rock in West Haven.
Then Karen Duquette took some great pictures in the nearby areas.

history bookJimmies of Savin Rock is a family-owned-and-operated seafood restaurant in West Haven, Connecticut, known for its fresh seafood and huge prime rib cuts. In 1925, by the side of an unpaved road, a modest little stand opened for business. It was the brainchild of one Jimmie Gagliardi and his family, who had invested their life savings in hopes of enticing pleasure-seeking Savin Rock adventure seekers to try their invention- the split hotdog. A sign on the stand said "Moxie", which was what it took to open another food stand at Savin Rock, a pleasure-center already a half-century old that featured more that it share of well-established restaurants, snack bars and other eateries. Soon Jimmie had outgrown the stand. His sons, Sal and Johnny, and sister Carrie contributed much to the early success of Jimmies, and before they knew it the stand was being expanded again and again. From the little HOT DOG stand, Jimmies has grown into a completely new and modern restaurant, opening just a year short of a half-century from its first beginning. The two RV Gypsies and their friend Tom, say that the food is excellent.

Jimmie's of Savin Rock
bar at Jimmie's of Savin Rock

FYISavin Rock is a section of West Haven, Connecticut. It was the site of the Savin Rock Amusement Park, which began in the late 19th century as a regionally renowned seaside resort. It evolved into a general amusement park in the 20th century and eventually closed in 1966.

Long before they knew each other, Karen and Lee went to Savin Rock Amusement Park many times each with their own families. It was a favorite place of Karen's Aunt Hazel Brink.

The park ran along the west side of New Haven Harbor beachfront and is today a walk and bike path. One of the last reminders of the area is Jimmie's of Savin Rock, a restaurant known for its seafood and split hot dogs.


These photos were taken right behind the restaurant. It would also be the view from a window seat in the restaurant.

New Haven Harbor beachfront
birds at New Haven Harbor beachfront
New Haven Harbor beachfront

history bookSeaside Park, located at Iranistan Avenue and Soundview Drive in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is a 2.5-mile long crescent-shaped park bordering Bridgeport Harbor, Long Island Sound, and Black Rock Harbor. The park lies partly within Bridgeport's South End neighborhood.

Bridgeport has honored the memory of circus showman, mayor and philanthropist P.T. Barnum with a statue in Seaside Park.

The P.T. Barnum statue, which faces south, depicts a seated Barnum with a book in his left hand. An inscription at the bottom of the base lists his name, and the front of the monument bears the years of his birth and death.

Born in Bethel, Barnum operated museums in New York City before launching his circus career. He also served as mayor of Bridgeport, and established the circus’ winter headquarters in the city. Barnum was also instrumental in the founding of Bridgeport Hospital and the local water utility. The statue was created by Thomas Ball, who was also responsible for a variety of public monuments including three George Washington statues. The Barnum statue was cast in 1887, and stored by the circus until Barnum’s death.

Seaside Park is a fitting location for a Barnum statue, since the showman built a series of mansions on land that he would eventually donate to the city to expand the park. Several streets in and around the park were named after Barnum mansions.

Barnum is buried in Bridgeport’s Mountain Grove Cemetery.

entrance to Seaside Park
The P.T. Barnum statue

Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse (Fayerweather Island Light) in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was built in 1808, and is located at the southeast end of Fayerweather Island, connected by a mile long jetty from Seaside Park.

Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse
Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse
jetty and a bird
Menu for the two RV Gypsies in Connecticut
September 8 - 30, 2014
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Devil's Hopyard and a flashback

Gillette's Castle

Pumpkin Festival

Jimmies, Savin Rock, Seaside Park (this page)

Lee Duquette's birthday celebration

Branch Brook Campground

Mossup Pond and Murphy the Wonder dog

Kent Falls

West Cornwell Covered Bridge, River Park and  fall foliage

The two RV Gypsies made a few comments about a few restaurants they visited in Connecticut. To read these comments and see photos, use the TOC button above, then choose the "restaurants" button. Be sure to return to this page to view the rest of the Connecticut sections. Thanks for visiting the two RV Gypsies' website

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