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                  The two RV Gypsies and Karen Duquette's cousins
            at the Pumpkin Festivalwaving pumpkin
         Seymour, Connecticut
animated pumpkinSeptember 21, 2014

sign: Seymour Pumpkin Festival
Karen Duquette at the Pumpkin Festival
Karen Duquette at the Pumpkin Festival
Karen Duquette and her cousin Tiffany Torok
the Pumpkin Festival
the Pumpkin Festival

Karen Duquette and her cousins.

Karen Duquette and cousins
Menu for the two RV Gypsies in Connecticut
September 8 - 30, 2014
You may visit these sections in any order you choose.
There is also a link to Massachusetts below.

Devil's Hopyard and a flashback

Gillette's Castle - 2 pages

Pumpkin Festival (this page)

family wedding

Jimmies, Savin Rock, Seaside Park

Lee Duquette's birthday celebration

Branch Brook Campground

Mossup Pond and Murphy the Wonder dog

Kent Falls

West Cornwell Covered Bridge, River Park and fall foliage

The two RV Gypsies made a few comments about a few restaurants they visited in Connecticut. To read these comments and see photos, use the TOC button above, then choose the "restaurants" button. Be sure to return to this page to view the rest of the Connecticut sections.

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