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The two RV Gypsies went to the Lumberman's Monument
June 15, 2013

Lumberman's Monument and Visitor Center is located in Iosco County, Michigan off of the River Road National Scenic Byway. The nearest communities are Tawas to the southeast, Oscoda to the East and Hale to the West. No charge, but donations accepted.

Signs and exhibits tell of the early lumberjack and the story of moving logs from forest to sawmills. Lumberman's Monument is a barrier free Visitor Center with over a mile of concrete sidewalks and gravel foot trails negotiable with a wheelchair or baby stroller. There were also several picnic areas.

sign about log jams in the river

the way logs are stacked

sign about rollways
a rollway

sign on how the logs were moved
logs ready to be moved
logs ready to be moved

sign about log branding
sign with samples of log branding
a log that has been branded

history bookThe Lumbermans Monument was erected in 1931 as a lasting memorial to the lumbermen that harvested Michigans giant white pine. A 14 foot bronze statue overlooks the beautiful Au Sable River. The three figures represent various stages of the historic lumbering operation. In the center, the timber cruiser holds a compass, to his left, a sawyer holds an ax and cross-cut saw. On the right, is the river rat using a peavey. Etched on the granite base are the names of contributors of the $50,000 cost of the memorial. Many are descendants of the lumbermen that cut the pine. On one corner you may notice the words Aitken Fecit meaning Aitken made it. Fecit coming from a Latin verb meaning to make. The sculptor was Robert Aitken of New York. A visitor center was built and the grounds landscaped in 1981. The center is staffed May through October and the grounds remain open year round. It is well worth the stop.

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sign about the Lumberman's Monument
The Lumberman?Н╗┐ Monument
The Lumberman?Н╗┐ Monument
sign about geodetic control marks
a geodetic control mark

The Lumberman's Monument overlooks the Cooke Pond and Horseshoe Island on the Au Sable River. The Au Sable River was once a major logging thoroughfare.

Cooke Pond and Horsehoe Island on the Au Sable River
Cooke Pond and Horsehoe Island on the Au Sable River
Menu for the two RV Gypsies Adventures in Oscoda and Tawas, Michigan
June 15-16, 2013

You may visit these eleven (11) sites in any order you choose.
There is also a link to Mackinac Island and more below the menu.

Au Sable Harbor and Pier

Oscoda Beach Park and Pier

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

Tawas Point Lighthouse

Old Bailey School

Paul Bunyan Statue and Oddities

The two RV Gypsies drove on the River Road Scenic Byway, a 22-mile drive between Oscoda and South Branch that runs parallel with the beautiful Au Sable River. It is a designated National Scenic Byway. The Lumberman's Monument, Canoer's Memorial, Iargo Springs, and Foote Pond Scenic Overlook are all attractions off of the River Road Scenic Byway.

Lumberman's Monument

Canoer's Memorial

Iargo Springs (beautiful)

Foote Pond Scenic Overlook

Cooke Pond, Horseshoe Island, Au Sable River,
and 544 steps

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