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Before exploring the Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden, the two RV Gypsies checked out the 5 creations at the Mehringer Rock Garden (Fountain City Rock Garden), which is on the same property.
sign - Mehringer Rock Garden
all 5 rock formations plues the sign
sign: Fountain City Rock Garden
rock formation #1
rock formation #2
a close up of the formations
a double birdhouse almost shaped like a lighthouse
item #5
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Now on to the Schlosstein Gardens
sign: Schlosstein Gardens
Lee Duquette checking out the display
a circle of flowers and statues
a fisherman, moose, sheep and more
moose's butt and a fisherman
a rock formation
another rock formation
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Welcome to Priairie Moon Sculpture Garden & Museum
Three of the sculptures shown below on the drawing were not present on the day the two RV Gypsies visited: #18-Cedar Tree, # 9-Terraced Planter with Headlamp Pots and # 39- Indian Scout on Pony (artist Halvor Landsverk)
drawing layout of the sculptures
sign about the artist, Herman Rusch
Herman A, Rusch was born in a log cabin in 1885 near Arcadia, Wisconsin and was an outdoor man all his life as well as a lover and student of nature, He farmed for 40 years then sold his farm to his son. He started his venture when he was 71 years old and did all the work himself, In building and on the grounds as a good way to kill old age boredom, (see item #1 below)
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1. Painted concrete Self-Portrait of Herman Rusch gazes at his sculpture garden " I'll still see what's going on here when I'm not around."
2. Planter with Intersecting Arches
Painted concrete Self-Portrait of Herman Rusch
Planter wih Intersecting Arches
3. Cylinder Planter with Finial 4. Birdbath
Cylinder Planter with Finial
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5. Arched Fence (several different views because it was so long and spectacular)

This gracefully arched fence that runs over 260 feet is Rusch's signature piece. "You could go around the world five times and never see another like it."

Arched Fence
close-up of the Arched Fence
Arched Fence
Arched Fence
panorama of the Arched Fence
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6. Millstone on Base 7. Conical Marker
Millstone on Base
Conical Marker
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8. Birdhouses on Column
Birdhouses on Column
Birdhouses on Column
Close-up of the sign on sculpture shown above
the sign on the birdhouses
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10. Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple
the two RV Gypsies at the Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple
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11. Watchtower 12. Cylindrical Planter
Cylindrical Planter
13. Rocket to the stars, also known as Sunspire - - a close up of the Sunspire (item 13)
Rocket to the stars
close-up of Rocket to the stars
14. Small Planter
Small Planter
15. Sunspire (Pyramidal) and a close-up of the Sunspire
Sunspire (Pyramidal)
close-up of the Sunspire
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16. Arched Double Planter
Arched Double Planter
Karen Duquette at the Arched Double Planter
Karen Duquette at the Arched Double Planter
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17. Cactus Garden 19. Cylindrical Planter
Cactus Garden
Cylindrical Planter
20. Giant Vessel and a close-up of the Giant Vessel
Giant Vessel
close-up of the Giant Vessel
21. Norwegian Hunter Fighting Bear (artist: Hakvir Kabdsverjk)
Norwegian Hunter Fighting Bear
Lee Duquette resques the Norwegian Hunter Fighting Bear
22. Mountain Landscape (The two RV Gypsies were not sure which side of the Mountain Landscape is the front and which side is the back)
Mountain Landscape
Mountain Landscape
23. Paddlewheel Birdhouse
Paddlewheel Birdhouse
Paddlewheel Birdhouse
24. Planter 25. Platecosaurus
26. Polar Bear with Ribbon Seal
(artist: Halvor Landsverk)
27. Snake
Polar Bear with Ribbon Seal
28. Morning Glory Teepee 29. Planter with Intersecting Arches
Morning Glory Teppee
Planter with Intersecting Arches
30. Triceratops 31. Stegosaurus
32. Square Planter 33. Footed Planter
Square Planter
Footed Planter
34. Conical Marker 35. Planter
Conical Marker
36. Terraced Planter with Headlamp Pots -
(no headlamp pots at this time)
37. Fountain of Venus
Terraced Planter
Fountain of Venus
38. Basin (artist: Herman Rusch) Formerly with Indian Maiden but was destroyed (artist: Halvor Landsverk)
40. Low Planter
Low Planter
41 Arches and 42. - the Prairie Moon Museum "Where the sun kist dew drops on the morning flower, one of God's greatest gifts and man's much cherished dower."
Prairie Moon Musuem
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Lee photographed Karen photographing the sculptures
Karen Duquette
Flowers outside the Prairie Moon Museum
Flowers outside the Prairie Moon Museum
Flowers outside the Prairie Moon Museum
Lee Duquette really liked this tree, so it got photographed.
The two RV Gypsies head back to their truck, ready for the next adventure.
the truck of the two RV Gypsies
On the way back to their RV, the two RV Gypsies saw people riding high-rise bicycles.
people riding high-rise bicycles.
a high-rise bicycle
a high-rise bicycle
a high-rise bicycle
The two RV Gypsies stopped for lunch at an outdoor lunch stand.
sign at root beer place
root beer mug carving
The two RV Gypsies in Wisconsin - June 2021
Below are 5 sections of the adventures of the two RV Gypsies in Wisconsin. You may view them in any order you wish.
Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe!
Riverside Park in La Crosse
Riverside International Friendship Gardens
Sunfish Capital of the World
Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden in Cochrane, Wisconsin - (this page)
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