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Daniel Boone's grave site
October 9, 2011
plus a story that claims there are two grave sites - according to -

Daniel Boone appears to have ended up in two graves.
history book"Boone died at his son's home near Defiance, Missouri, in 1820 and was buried nearby in Marthasville near the grave of his wife, Rebecca.

The folks in Frankfort, Kentucky, would have you believe that Rebecca and Daniel were exhumed 25 years later and reinterred in Frankfort Cemetery. The marker in Marthasville mentions the re-interment, but...
according to Marthasville, Frankfort dug up the wrong body. The grave next to Rebecca's was already occupied when Daniel died, they say, so he was buried at her feet. Daniel's relatives were angry at Frankfort and didn't tell them about his true burial plot. They let Frankfort cart away the body next to Rebecca's, the body of a stranger.

Scientific scrutiny seems to support Marthasville's claims. A forensic anthropologist studied a plaster cast of the skull in Frankfort's "Daniel Boone" grave in 1983 and said that it really belonged to a large black man. Frankfort, of course, pooh-poohed those allegations.

Both graves have worthy monuments. Frankfort's is bigger (that was, ostensibly, the reason for the move in the first place) but it's in a big cemetery and must share its surroundings with other dead people. The memorial near Marthasville is out by itself, and it's worth remembering that Daniel Boone's own reason for leaving Kentucky was that it was "too crowded."

July 2009: Daniel Boone's "lucky nose" bronze plaque at the Marthasville grave was stolen in June 2008 and sold for scrap. It's been replaced by one made of black granite.

June 2010: An official document filed by the Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri now concedes that some of Boone's bones were dug up and moved to Kentucky, but only the "large" ones. "His heart and brain remain where he was buried." The paper also states that Boone left Kentucky in 1799 on bad terms, and that he swore he'd rather die than set foot there again."

sign - Daniel Boone's Grave
Daniel Boone's tomb stone
Each side of Daniel Boone's tomb stone had a different design.
engraving on Daniel Boone's tombstone
engraving on Daniel Boone's tombstone
engraving on Daniel Boone's tombstone
engraving on Daniel Boone's tombstone
Below: the view from Daniel Boone's grave in Frankfort Cemetery
view from Daniel Boone's grave in Frankfort Cemetery
view from Daniel Boone's grave in Frankfort Cemetery
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Kentucky Vietnam
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U.S. Marine Corp.
Daniel Boone's
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