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Karen Duquette took time off from RVing
and went on a line-dance cruise
on the Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas
Halloween cruise - October 2011

MENU  - You may view these sections in the order of your choice

1 - Day one - Bus trip - meet-&-greet-party time - line dancing, & other fun stuff

2 - Aboard ship - elevators, casino, pools, lounges, mini-golf, basketball court, running track

3 - The Boardwalk - Aqua Theater, Carousel, Rock Climbing Wall, food, shopping and more

4 - The Royal Promenade - Rising Tide Bar, shops, restaurants, parades and more

5 - Central Park

6 - Halloween - decorations & costume contest that got the judges booed by the audience

7 - Labadee Haiti

8 - Falmouth Jamaica and an ATV ride - 2 pages

9 - Cozumel, Mexico - party time

10 - Sunsets

(Note: Many of the pictures shown on this cruise were taken by other line-dancers and their spouses. They all contributed photos to Karen Duquette because she made them DVD's of the cruise).

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