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The two RV Gypsies had an experience
in the Nada Tunnel in Kentucky.

The two RV Gypsies stopped their car at the entrance to the Nada Tunnel. The sign said to look for cars before entering. The two RV Gypsies could not see very far into the tunnel, so they flashed their headlights and beeped their horn several times, then proceeded to enter the tunnel. They were almost to the exit of the one-mile long, curved tunnel when they saw a car about to enter the tunnel from the other direction. It is a two-way driving tunnel, but only one narrow lane, so each way must alternate entering the tunnel. There is no traffic light at either entrance, so this is a real disaster waiting to happen.

The two RV Gypsies began flashing their headlights again, and beeping the horn constantly to warn the other driver not to enter the tunnel, but she kept coming. Karen said, "She isn't stopping. She's coming into the tunnel and we are going to have a real problem." So Karen then turned on her video camera to record the event.

A short video of the Stand-off in the one-way Nada Tunnel in Kentucky can be seen by using the TOC button above. - (it will take about 10 seconds to begin so that you have time to read the cover page)

Now the two RV Gypsies (in their car, not their RV) and this other car were headlights to headlights facing each other. The other car was barely inside the tunnel entrance, but the two RV Gypsies were almost to the end of the tunnel and there were many cars behind them, so of course they could not back up. Lee got out of his car and went to talk to the driver and explained to her that she had to back up. She refused! About 6 motorcycles entered the tunnel and realized they could not go anyplace. Even the motorcycles could not get around cars in this narrow tunnel. So they turned their motorcycles around and left the tunnel, but the lady in the car still would not back up.

A ranger was in a car behind the two RV Gypsies so he also told the lady to back up, and again she refused. Karen thought they were going to have to live in this tunnel forever. Eventually the ranger did convince the lady to back up and exit the tunnel.

As the two RV Gypsies exited the tunnel, the lady in that car rolled down her window and swore at the two RV Gypsies, even though she had young children in her car. The two RV Gypsies ignored her and drove on down the road. They will never drive through the Nada Tunnel again.

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Kentucky's Capital City and Capitol Building
Kentucky's Natural Bridge and Sky Lift
Red River Gorge

Nada Tunnel

Josephine Sculpture Park

Kentucky Vietnam
Veterans Memorial

U.S. Marine Corp. history Daniel Boone's
grave site
Louisville, KY and
the Mega Cavern
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