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The two RV Gypsies' toad MOB - before & after the makeover

MOB #1 "My Orange Baby" -
MOB is a Chevy HHR
MOB got a make-over -
clothes, new feet (tires) and
sunglasses (darkened windows) LOL
awo - before
awo - after

MOB was redesigned with contours to match AWO

MOB also got officially named - "My Orange Baby"
My Orange Baby gets named
MOB - before

MOB - after

the back of AWO
MOB's new design has the same contours as the back of AWO
MOB - before
MOB - after
MOB got custom Tiger Eyes
for a sunshield

AWO has Wolf Eyes for a sunshield
tiger eyes for MOB
AWO's wofl eyes

After the two RV Gypsies returned from their trip to Alaska in 2009, they replaced the above toad, known as "My Orange Baby" MOB with a Ford F-150 pickup truck, known as "Monster Out Back" (because it is so long) or MOB #2 - shown in the below photo. Reason for replacement - MOB#1 was a lemon. But Karen loved mob #1 and it got a lot of attention on the road.

Eventually the two RV Gypsies left MOB #2 (shown below) with friends in Florida instead of towing it. And they just used it when they wintered in Florida. Reason: Because it was a Ford, it had a modification for towing that broke down too often. The truck itself was wonderful with a lot of a luxuries and ran perfectly when not being towed so this was not an easy decision.

MOB #2 - toad of the two RV Gypsies

January 2015 - the two RV Gypsies bought a used jeep so they can enjoy some off-road adventures. They will now tow MOB #3 behind their RV. So the jeep was named "Mega Off-road Buggy" or MOB #3. But they only got as far as California before MOB #3 died. It had so much wrong with it and it was too old to get parts for it. Beware of buying an older used car. The two RV Gypsies should have known better. They junked the jeep, and took a big financial loss on it.

jeep - Mob #3

So in May 2015, the two RV Gypsies had to buy MOB #4 - "Minimal of Bling". Windows must be rolled down manually. No remote start. No fancy door opener. Both front doors must be opened manually with a key, and then the two RV Gypsies have to reach over into the back seat to unlock those doors. Each door needs to be individually locked by pushing in each button. No GPS, No back-up system. No rear-view camera. No heated or cold seats like MOB #2 had. But it does have a cheap radio.

MOB #4

The two RV Gypsies still have Mob #4. And in 2016 they were forced to sell Mob #2, the truck that they really loved a lot because it was comfortable and hots of amenities. They had to sell it to pay to have the engine in their RV fixed. Although the truck was in Florida with friends and the two RV Gypsies were in Alaska, they managed to sell the truck. It will be forever missed. That story can be found by clicking here.

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