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The Two RV Gypsies'
first encounters
with wildlife
in British Columbia 2009

wildlife sign
Lee Duquette has 20-20 vision for distance and could see a black bear crossing the road at the top of the hill. Karen could not really see the bear so she just started snapping photos. So in the photos below, just know that there is a small black spot that is a bear. But since their trip was just beginning, better bear photos will appear on this web site later, so don't laugh. It seems the two RV Gypsies are not on the road early morning or late evening when the bears are out in full force. Never fear, the best is yet to come.
buffalo sign
buffalo by the road
Notice the little BIRD beneath the buffalo below - how cute!
buffalo  and a bird
elk sign
wild horses
horse crossing sign
wild horses
licking minerals off the road
sheep on highway sign
sheep in the road
sheep licking minerals off the road
sheep licking minerals off the road
The two RV Gypsies were just beginning their adventure to the land of wild animals. The two RV Gypsies believe that they will see more wildlife in Canada and Alaska as they continue their journey.

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