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The two RV Gypsies watched a bear
fishing at Chilkoot Lake
One particular area on the road had a bear zone sign and the words Bear Zone across the road. Just before the two RV Gypsies reached the bear zone, a BIG grizzly bear ran quickly across the road - too quick for a photograph. Guess the bear didn't know he was supposed to be in the bear zone area. He needs to read the sign.
sign - bear zone - no foot traffic
bear zone written in the road
Then the two RV Gypsies parked their car just outside the bear zone area and waited patiently for a bear to come and fish. Success came. But it became evening and it was cooling off outside, Karen really wasn't dressed warm enough so she searched through the car and found a jacket, hat, and beach towel to put on. LOL at the outfit, even though the hat and beach towel match nicely. It was also lightly raining.
Karen Duquette in a crazy outfit
the Grizzly bear fishing at night
the Grizzly bear fishing at night
the Grizzly bear fishing at night
the Grizzly bear fishing at night
the Grizzly bear fishing at night

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August 14-15, 2009

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driving to Haines, Alaska

Haines, Alaska

A bear fishing at Chilkoot Lake in Haines, Alaska

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