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The two RV Gypsies
at a U.S. Veterans' Day Celebration
November 8, 2019

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The two RV Gypsies were invited to attend a Veterans' Day Celebration at their great-grandson's elementary school. Along with about 60 or more other Veterans, they were escorted through a maze of children applauding, cheering and holding up signs. Although it was an honor to serve her country and to be a part of this celebration, sometimes Karen does not feel that she deserves the honor since she did not go to war. Those are the real heroes.

Veteran thank you sign
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USA flagBelow: Karen and Lee Duquette - then and now:USA flag

Karen Duquette - U.S. Navy WavesLee Duquette - U.S. Marine
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The two RV Gypsies - Military Veterans

As Karen and Lee Duquette walked the walk of honor, Lee took a couple of photos. Tears came to Karen's eyes as their great-grandson escorted them to their special seating area while everyone cheered. The presentation was awesome as children recited poems and sang.

Karen Duquette - Navy Vetran children welcoming the Veterans
walking the Veterans Honor walk children welcoming the Veterans
children welcoming the Veterans
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