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The two RV Gypsies
ate at a few restaurants in Forest City, Iowa
September, 2016

smile faceTaco Jerry's
1145 Highway 69 N
Forest City, Iowa 50436

Taco Jerry's Taco Jerry's

The two RV Gypsies liked the inside and outside of this restaurant. They ate there twice in one week, which is unusual for them, especially since Karen is not a big pizza fan. Yes, the name of the restaurant is Taco Jerry's but they also specialize in pizza. As stated on the outside of the building 1-13 toppings no extra charge. Both of the two RV Gypsies really loved the pizza and would call it the best pizza they ever had.

inside Taco Jerry's
Lee Duquette in Taco Jerry's Taco Jerry's
Taco Jerry's pizza at Taco Jerry's
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unhappy faceSun Hing Chinese Restaurant
247 N. Clark Street
Forest City, Iowa

The decor on the walls was very nice, but the two RV Gypsies cannot say the same for the food, or the service.

Sun Hing Chinese Restaurant Sun Hing Chinese Restaurant
Sun Hing Chinese Restaurant
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Sally's Restaurant
133 North Clark Street
Forest City, Iowa 50436

The two RV Gypsies ate here in 2016 and also in previous years when they were in Forest City. The food was inexpensive and OK, but nothing special. Karen thought that the Chili was very bland.

Sally's Restaurant Sally's Restaurant
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Ay Jalisco Family Mexican Restaurant
208 N. Clark Street
Forest City, Iowa 50436

Karen liked the chimichanga here, but the beans were extremely runny. The margarita was OK. It was not busy on this date and the service was good, but it took awhile to get the bill.

Ay Jalisco Family Mexican Restaurant
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Shooterz Bar & Grill
1126 Highway 69
Forest City, Iowa 50436

Both of the two RV Gypsies were unhappy with their food and service here, and won't return.

Shooterz Bar & Grill
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smile faceThe Fletcher Kitchen + Bar
1802 N. Ankeny Blvd
Ankeny, Iowa 50021

The two RV Gypsies visited their friend Phyllis, who lives in Ankeny, Iowa. Then they went to dinner at The Fletcher Kitchen & Bar. The Food was very good and well-portioned. The restaurant was busy, but service was efficient. The restaurant was very large because it used to be a full-sized grocery store.

The Fletcher Kitchen + Bar The Fletcher Kitchen + Bar

After dinner, the two RV Gypsies returned to their friend's house for coffee and desert. Thanks Phyllis.

Karen Duquette and her friend Phyllis

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