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The two RV Gypsies Adventures
on Dauphin Island in  Alabama
May 1, 2015

The Bridge to Dauphin Island

bridge to Dauphin Island
bridge to Dauphin Island

Going UP and going DOWN the big hill on the Dauphin Island bridge.

he Bridge to Dauphin Island
he Bridge to Dauphin Island

history bookDauphin Island is a town in Mobile County, Alabama, on a barrier island at the Gulf of Mexico. The island (originally named "Massacre Island") was renamed for Louis XIV's great-grandson and heir, the Dauphin.

The Gulf of Mexico is to the south of the island; the Mississippi Sound and Mobile Bay are to the north. The island's eastern end helps to define the mouth of Mobile Bay. The eastern, wider portion of the island is shaded by thick pine trees, but the narrow, western part of the island features scrub growth and few trees.

The island is connected to the mainland by the Gordon Persons Bridge.

In May 2012, the central public beach began charging for access. This marked the second beach on the island to charge the public following the creation of the privately owned West End Beach.

Dauphin Island sign

Below: two of several art pieces ready to light up in the evening time.

lighted wire design
lighted wire design

Below: A row of very skinny houses. Look carefully, there's no width to the side of these houses.

funky row of buildings

The two RV Gypsies liked the upper deck on this house.

house on stilts

Geography: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 167.1 square miles of which 6.2 square miles of it is land and 159.9 square miles of it is water.

Dauphin Island wter tower
Bayou Heron Park
Bayou Heron Park sign

Bayou Heron Park

walkway to Bayou Heron Park
Lee Duquette
Karen at Bayou Heron Park
the two RV Gypsies at Bayou Heron Park

View from Bayou Heron Park and the bridge

Bayou Heron Park
bridge view from Bayou Heron Park
dredge worker boat

Beach area by the houses.

house on the beach
Karen Duquette

Beach area behind Fort Gaines - Karen strolled through the water.

Gulf of Mexico
gulf of Mexico
Karen strolls through the water
Karen strolls through the water
Karen playing in the water
Karen playing in the wate

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