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Amelia Island / Fernandina Beach
and The Amelia Island Lighthouse
October 23, 2014

welcome to Amelia Island sign

One of the most historic landmarks in Fernandina Beach, Florida is the Amelia Island lighthouse, perched high on a bluff above Egans Creek. But it can only be reached by booking a tour through the Fernandina Beach Recreation Center. The two RV Gypsies managed to take one picture of the lighthouse from a side road (photo is below).

The Amelia Island Light is the oldest existing lighthouse in the state of Florida. Its light marks St. Marys Entrance, the inlet leading to St. Marys River, the Cumberland Sound and the harbor of Fernandina Beach, Florida along the Amelia River. The white light flashes every ten seconds which turns red from 344° to 360° when covering the shoal water in the vicinity of Nassau Sound.

The lighthouse is listed as number 565 in the United States Coast Guard (USCG) light list.

Amelia Island Lighthouse

hstory book The lighthouse was built in 1838 using materials taken from the former lighthouse on Cumberland Island in Georgia just north of the inlet, which was built in 1820. The brick tower was originally 50 feet tall placed on a hill. In 1881, a lantern was installed on the tower increasing the tower height to 64 feet with the focal plane height of 107 feet above see level.

The tower was originally equipped with 14 lamps each with a 14-inch reflector when first lit in 1839. The reflector size was increased to 15 inches by 1848. This arrangement was replaced by a third-order Barbier Benard Fresnel lens in 1903, which is still used in the lighthouse.

The Amelia Island Lighthouse was automated in 1956. The next-to-last civilian keeper of the lighthouse was Thomas J. O'Hagan, who was the son of the previous keeper, Thomas P. O'Hagan, and was married to a direct descendant of the first keeper, Amos Latham.

The ownership of the lighthouse was transferred from the United States Coast Guard to the City of Fernandina Beach in 2001, which now maintains the historical monument. The Coast Guard, though, is still responsible for the function of the beacon. Access to the lighthouse is limited by the city. As of 2012, the lighthouse is not open to the public, except on Saturdays where it is open for viewing for three hours only. The city also offers tours to the lighthouse twice a month.

above quotes from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

North Beach Park sign

North Beach Park is located at 1230 North Fletcher Avenue.  Amenities:  2 pavilions; picnic tables; wooden boardwalk; beach access.  Limited parking available.

sand dunes andocean from North Beach Park
sand dunes andocean from North Beach Park
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in Florida
October 23 - November 1, 2014
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Jacksonville, Jacksonville Landing, & dolphins

Friendship Park, Jessie Ball Dupont Park
& the famous Live Oak Tree

Pecan Park RV Resort in Jacksonville - & alligators

Jacksonville Beach

Fernandina Beach / Amelia Island Lighthouse

St. Augustine Pier & Lighthouse

Fort Matanzas National Monument

St. Augustine Sculpture Garden at Lakeside Park

Suwannee River Rendezvous RV Park in Mayo, FL

canoeing the Suwannee River in Mayo, FL

Blue Spring State Park & St. Johns River Cruise

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