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The two RV Gypsies
in Amana, Iowa
July 25-26, 2017

USA map showing location of IowaAmana Colies, Iowa County

Below: The campground, downtown art, and a local restaurant.

welcome to Iowa sign

Amana Colonies sign

The entrance to Amana Colonies RV Park in Iowa County, Iowa.

address for Amana Colonies RV Park

entrance to Amana Colonies RV Park

The roads were dusty dirt roads. There was no pool, no club house, no cable TV. This is a Passport America club, but it does not accept Passport America in August and September due to events. RVs and cars can ONLY be bucket washed, no exceptions. No more than 4 adults per one regular RV or tent site; there is an extra charge for more than two adults at a site. Most other standard campground rules applied. It was a large campground, but not too exciting of an area, unless during an event time. There were biting flies in the campground. The campground had unsecured Wi-Fi, but the two RV Gypsies used their own Wi-Fi. Check in and check-out time was noon.

Lee Duquette approaching the campground office

The RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies

Below: the view in front of and behind the RV of the two RV Gypsies.

view of campground road

campground road

The two RV Gypsies ate at Ox Yoke Inn
4420 220th Trail
Amana, Iowa 52203

The reason the two RV Gypsies ate here is because Lee wanted potato pancakes, which he liked. The food was not as "German" as the two RV Gypsies expected though. They had plated meals and family-style meals. Karen had the Sauerbraten which was tender and served with potato dumplings that were awful. She also had to send back her Margarita because it was the worst Margarita she ever had. Lee had The Honey Apple Pork Loin and he liked it. No, the two RV Gypsies would never eat here again.

Ox Yoke Inn Restaurant sign Ox Yoke Inn
back of Ox Yoke Inn patio at Ox Yoke Inn
inside Ox Yoke Inn flowers next door to Ox Yoke Inn

Good Quilts Store
4307 220th Trail
Amana Iowa

The store was closed when the two RV Gypsies got there. They only stopped because of the Menagerie of art all around the building (which had nothing to do with quilts). Some were cute, many were in the price range of $110 or more even though they were rusted.

art menagerie Lee Duquette
art menagerie giraffe on a bicycle
red ant frog and umbrella
flying pig ant and bumblebee
rabbit and bumblebee bird
giant elephant Lee Duquette and a big elk
Halloween art

Below: This piece of art was outside of the Amana Colonies Visitor Center (which was closed)

art at Amana Colonies Visitor Center

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