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USA map showing location of Tennessee
The Two RV Gypsies Adventures
in Bristol, Blountville, and Elizabethton, TN
TN map showing locationf Blountville
Bristol / Kingsport KOA
425 Rocky Branch Road
Blountville, TN 37617

The Bristol / Kingsport KOA at 425 Rocky Branch Road in Blountville, TN is advertised as an award winning campground. As soon as The RV Gypsies stopped at the KOA office to register and Karen stepped out of her RV, the first thing she noticed was a nice play area for children: a sandbox full of toys, swings and a slide, a swinging bench for the parents, horseshoes and a bean bag setup, plus a jumping pillow and more.

As Karen approached the office, she bypassed the ladies and mens restrooms and each of them had a delightful cowgirl / cowboy painting on the outside. Going up the stairs to the office, Karen saw the large swimming pool with a small slide, a soda machine, and of course, some tables and chairs. (see photos below) The pool closed at 8 p.m., which is Karen's only complaint, even though it is a common time for pools in campgrounds to close, it is just too early and therefore the two RV Gypsies seldom use the pool at campgrounds.

There was a Rocky Branch Cafe at this KOA with free delivery. The Two RV Gypsies did order some food from there and it arrived quickly, and was pretty good.

RV and car washing tickets are on sale at the office. Free unsecured Wi-Fi at sites. Good TV. There is a lot more that could be said about this particular KOA because it is nicer than most of the other KOA's the Two RV Gypsies have visited.

welcome to Tennessee signb
The entrance to the KOA campground
BBQ sign
welcome to Bristol / Kingsport KOA sign
playground at the Bristol / Kingsport KOA sign
cowboy sign for the men's room at the Bristol / Kingsport KOA
cowboy sign for the men's room at the Bristol / Kingsport KOA
pool at the Bristol / Kingsport KOA

Below: The RV of the two RV Gypsies in its new home at the Bristol / Kingsport KOA in Blountville, Tennessee

The motorhome of The Two RV Gypsies
The motorhome of The Two RV Gypsies

Below: the Welcome to Bristol sign was one of the nicest city signs the two RV Gypsies have ever seen. The same goes for the Kingsport water tower shown below.

Welcome to Bristol Tennessee sign

TN map showing location of Bristol

Bristol is in Sullivan County, TN. It is the twin city of Bristol, Virginia, which lies directly across the state line between Tennessee and Virginia. boundary between the two cities is also the state line. Bristol is probably best known for being the site of some of the first commercial recordings of country music. The U.S, Congress recognized Bristol as the "Birthplace of Country Music" in 1998 and has a museum of the same title. Bristol is the birthplace of Tennessee Ernie Ford. Bristol is also the site of Bristol Motor Speedway, a NASCAR short track that is one of the most well-known motorsports facilities in the country.

Bristol Tennessee water tower
Bristol Tennessee water tower
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Oddities in Bristol/Kingsport

KOA & the city of Bristol

Doe River & a Covered Bridge
in Elizabethton

Blue Hole Falls,
Carter County

Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area, Elizabethton, TN

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