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Green Cay Nature Center

Green Cay Nature Center,
Boynton Beach, Florida
(Palm Beach County)
December 27, 2012

Green Cay Nature Center is the county's newest nature center that overlooks 100 acres of constructed wetland and provides educational opportunities about this unique habitat. The wetland features 1.5 miles of elevated boardwalk featuring interpretive signs about the habitat. The Nature Center includes a lecture hall, gift shop, and live animals in an extensive exhibit room that highlights wetland attributes. Admission to Green Cay Nature Center and the boardwalk is FREE. Program fees vary.

Welcome to Green Cay sign and map
sign: Palm Beach County Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center

Sign about possible wildlife seen
at Green Cay Nature Center.

The turtle below was in an aquarium
at the visitor's center.

sign: wildlife seen at Green Cay

Karen Duquette and her friend from Sweden walked the 1.5 mile elevated boardwalk that took them on a journey through a typical south Florida wetland. Along the way they found interpretive signs that explained about the habitat and what they could expect to see on this date. There were benches on the boardwalk (two benches on the 1/2 mile trail, and six benches on the one-mile trail) plus benches around the outside of the building for those that wanted to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

sign about the Wetlands Boardwalk at Geen Cay Nature Center
Monica on the boardwalk
view of the wetlands from the Green Cay  Nature Center boardwalk
view of the wetlands from the Green Cay  Nature Center boardwalk
view of the wetlands from the Green Cay  Nature Center boardwalk
view of the wetlands from the Green Cay  Nature Center boardwalk

Below: Cypress Knobs

Cypress Knobs

The only wildlife seen on this day was birds and ducks, but Karen enjoyed photographing them.


Below: The Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga), sometimes called Snakebird, Darter, American Darter, or Water Turkey, is a water bird of the warmer parts of the Americas. The word anhinga comes from the Brazilian Tupi language and means devil bird or snake bird.

It is a cormorant-like bird with an average body length of 33 inches, a wingspan of 46 inches, and a mass of up to 3.0 pounds. It is a dark-plumaged piscivore with a very long neck, and often swims with only the neck above water. When swimming in this style the name Snakebird is apparent, since only the colored neck appears above water the bird looks like a snake ready to strike.

sign about The Anhinga bird
The Anhinga bird
The Anhinga bird
The Anhinga bird

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