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The two RV Gypsies In Austin, Minnesota
June 22, 2012
USA map showing the location of Minnesota
location map of Austin Minnesota

welcome sign

welcome to Minnesota sign

The Jay C. Hormel Nature Center is a municipal nature preserve in Austin, Minnesota which comprises approximately 500 acres of restored and remnant prairie, hardwood forest, wetlands and meandering streams. Purchased with municipal, state, and private donations, the center is administered by the Austin municipal government through the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Nature Center DOES NOT ALLOW: pets of any kind, biking, smoking, alcohol, collecting of plants or animals, camping, fires or picnicking on the trails or grounds.
Welcome to J.C. Hormel Nature Center sign
Jay C. Hormel Nature Center sign
awesomesign about the big rock at J.C. Hormel Nature Center in Minnesota
The big rock was the first thing the two RV Gypsies saw at the Nature Center. Geologists date this rock back to 3.6 billion years. Pressures deep in the earth changed the boulder from granite into gneiss. Billions of years of erosion and uplift now expose the rock that used to be deep in the earth.
Size of Rock: 20 x 17 x 11 feet WEIGHT: 125 tons
Lee Duquette and the big rock at J.C. Hormel Nature Center in Minnesota
Karen Duquette and the big rock at J.C. Hormel Nature Center in Minnesota
Map of the trails and fancy carvings introduce the Nature Center to visitors.
Lee Duquette checking out the trail maps
the trail maps
Inside the Interpretive Center: A Screech Owl and A Burrowing Owl
A Screech Owl
The two RV Gypsies walked part of the shortest and easiest trail at the Nature Center - about one mile round trip.
Jacques Chipault Memorial Trail sign
Jacques Chipault Memorial Trail sign
There is nothing like the beauty that nature has to offer.
flowers on the trail
a pond
the pond
the pond
Karen Duquette by the pond
berries on the trees
Lee Duquette
Lee Duquette on the trail
a small covered bridge
a small stream
divider bar
minnesota map
Myre-Big Island sign

Myre-Big Island State Park is a state park of Minnesota, USA, just outside the city of Albert Lea. It has an area of 1,578 acres. The park protects 8 miles of shoreline on Albert Lea Lake. The nucleus of the park is Big Island, a 117-acre island attached to the mainland by a causeway. In turn a causeway connects Big Island to Little Island. The park was formerly named Helmer Myre State Park after former Minnesota State Senator Helmer Myre. The two RV Gypsies found this to be a nice boating area, and since they did not have a boat, they did not spend much time here.

Lee Duquete by Albert Lea Lake
panorama of Albert Lea Lake

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