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Entering the USA from
British Columbia, Canada
at Roosville, Montana - August 31, 2009
sign - US customs and immigration
signs - welcome to USA and Rooseville Mt US border Station
sign - welcome to the USA
sign - Rossville Mt US border Station
sign - help prevent wildfires
sign - Welcome to the Tobacco Valley
a wooden statue
the road and fields
USA and Montana state flags
sign - Eureka Ranger Station - Kootenai National Forest
Naturally, the two RV Gypsies stop at the first store they come to
sign and animal statues
sign - Kootenai House
and they buy "Moosie Poo"
Moosie Poo - wine bottle holder
Continuing their drive, the two RV Gypsies kept looking for a welcome to Montana sign. They found a USA sign on the right-hand side of the road and a Montana sign directly across from it on the left hand side of the road.
Montana sign
USA sign
sign - entering Stillwater State Forest
a beautiful lake
An interesting car and RV high up on posts - should we be jealous and make a trade? No - don't think so!
an car and RV
North American RV Park in Coram, Montana. Full hook-ups, Big-Rig Friendly, 30 & 30 Amp sites, Camping Cabins with A/C, Free Wi-Fi with password, Showers & Laundry, Pet friendly, gift shop, RV Supplies and firewood. 10% discount for military, seniors and FMCA members. Great lounge area with sofas and lounge chairs, a big TV, free coffee, toaster, pay phone, book exchange, games, puzzles, and computer with internet access. Video and DVD rentals. Fax machine in office. Really Nice. Friendly workers. 5 miles to Glacier National Park. The only negative was that several times a night, a train went by and blew its whistle over and over. A train came every half-hour - sometimes even more often. Quite annoying. Oh and the TV did not work at RV Site, so the two RV Gypsies had to use the TV in the lounge, which was OK as the lounge was real nice - but if others are in there, first person in gets to choose the station.
sign - RV Park - turn here
office for the North American RV Park
gift store on site
The new yard of the two RV Gypsies - what a great life!
the RV of the two RV Gypsies
wood carving done by the roadside in front of the RV park - and a nice sunset
wood carving area
Just outside the park
sign - welcome to Columbia Falls
sign - entering Columbia Falls
a wooden eagle
a wooden eagle
sign - Glacier Nat'l Park - next left
sign - entering West Glacier
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Lake McDonald, McDonald Falls, a tunnel built in 1926, Bird Woman Falls, the Weeping Wall, Going-to-the-Sun Road, the Continental Divide, and so much more..................